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2018 Competition was held:
March 5, 2018

2019 Competition
categories will be posted
before the end of this season and names drawn so you will have all summer to fill your category

Images Due to Coordinator:
Date to be determined next season

Coordinator: Jacob Mosser

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One Shot 2017-2018
with our Famous Dessert Cookoff

Women vs Men

Men Win 14-11

Presentation Director: Jake Mosser
Equipment: Rick Cloran

Well the fun is over and boo hoo the women lost. The women looked good though all in red on their side of the club.  It was a very close competition –tied most of the way. We were tied 11 to 11 and then the women lost the next 2 so the men were victorious even before the final category was shown. Peter Miller yelled he would forfeit that category as it was his-Insects, so the women wouldn’t feel as bad, but even with him saying that the judges still chose his butterfly over the females image- Deb Eskenazi’s praying mantis.

Our judges had lots of humor and made it a fun night. Our thanks go to two GLPA members Jana Conway and Dave Parsons for their excellent job. See below for all the images. And Click here for a gallery showing of the evening's events. The saddest picture is the turning of the trophy to Men’s side.

The Dessert Cook Off raffle bought in $322 to the GLPA coffers. The winning dessert was a blueberry pie. Jim Gately was suppose to be cooking, but he has the flu so was unable to cook. Instead Jake Mosser entered a blueberry pie home cooked for him to bring and it still won with 118 tickets. I guess everyone was hoping it would be as good as Jimmy’s. In a close second was Marilyn Cloran with her lemon iced cookies with 109 tickets in her bag. Eleven lucky people got to take home very tasty treats. Thanks to our Dessert Bakers: Kilmer Sweazy, Marilyn Cloran, Amy Musinsky, Andy Gatchell, Chris Germain, Karen Hosking, Elle Losee, Jake & Susan Mosser, Pat Lucas and Mike Bourgault who did peanut butter cookies just for me- alas I didn’t win them.

Thanks to Caroline Stella for being the night's official photographer; Marilyn Cloran for coordinating the cook-off; Jake Mosser for putting the show together and making all the title images; Pam Lintner for doing the galleries; Chris Germain for setting up all the food for the night and doing the hall decorations; Jake Mosser, Rick Cloran, Ken Jordan and Pam Lintner for doing the set up for the program; Ken Jordan, Peter Curcis, and Bob Pizzano for selling the raffle tickets and to anyone who helped with the tear down of the hall.

We will continue with this format for next year and hope to have the drawing of the names and categories out by end of May so you can be shooting over the summer. Sign-up sheets will be posted next week. If you didn’t sign up for this one here is your chance to get in on the fun for next year. Remember we need 25 women and 25 men to sign up.

Stay tuned for new categories for the
2019 One Shot competition

2017-2018 One Shot Categories

  1. Edible
  2. Fall Scenic
  3. Starts with a "B"
  4. Patterns in Nature
  5. Manipulated
  6. Still Life
  7. Cat (domestic or wild)
  8. Lights
  9. Old Car(s)
10. Rust
11. Wild Mammal
12. A Single Leaf
13. Wildflower(s)

14. Graffiti
15. Sunset
16. Bicycle(s)
17. Can(s)
18. Team Sports
19. Red
20. Winter Scenic
21. Black & White Cityscape
22. Three
23. Wading Bird
24. Lighthouse
25. Insect

This fun night is meant to take the place of the ever popular Smackdown without all the work of the Smackdown. This will be a Women Vs Men competition with teams but will not require team leaders or selection nights. We will also have our famous Dessert Cook Off Raffle that night so will also be looking for 10 cooks.

Sign-up sheets will be posted at the club for the 2019 competition or you can email me at s.jmosser@comcast.net to sign up and be a part of the night. All you will need to come up with is one image for one specific category. You will select your own image and send it in. It’s up to you to make sure it meets your category.

We have 25 categories (see list above). We need women to sign up and men to sign up. Hopefully we will have enough (25) of each gender sign up. If not, we will have to cut back on the categories though 25 is a good number for the night - just the right length of time. In May, 2018 we will draw 25 men’s and 25 women’s names out of the hat. We will put all the men's name in a container and the women's names in another container. We will read the first category, and draw one woman and one man’s name. They will have that category as their subject matter and will need to come up with one image each that meets the subject. We will continue drawing names until we have gone through the 25 categories. We will try to go with general categories so it would be easier for all. You can shoot a new image or take something out of your files.

You will be responsible to send your image in to Jake Mosser (who will put the show together to be judged) by a date to be announced. If you do not submit your image your team will forfeit that category and you will lose points so you must send in your image.

The night of the competition, the images for each category will be shown side by side and we will have one judge select the winning image. I have someone in mind that has a lot of humor and will make it a fun night. The winning images all receive one point and the more winners the team has the more points. The team with the most points at the end of the 25 categories wins and gets to boast for a year and see the trophy turned to their gender.

We will still need a couple of helpers to set the hall up, and our 10 cooks but that’s all the helpers we will need. We will have our usual munchies and libations on the competition night and expect everyone to come dressed for the night and be rowdy as usual.

Sign up to join this fun night!  Send your name in for the team or if you don’t want to do that, offer to cook for the raffle. This is a big fund raiser night for the club making us about $400 each time.

Susan Mosser Program Chairman

2018 One Shot Images and Winners

Here are the categories, images submitted and maker names. Winning images are listed on the left side - the Men. Bummer.


Winning Images are
on the left

Title Images by Jacob Mosser
WOMEN: Kathaleen Coelho
MEN: Bob Ring
MEN: Bert Cole
WOMEN: Susan Mosser
"Ox Bow"
MEN: Jacob Mosser
"Bee in Flight"
WOMEN: Janice Koskey
MEN: Tony Marino
WOMEN: Tereza Pupeza
WOMEN: Chris Germain
MEN: Mike Bourgault
"Grand Canyon of Oz"
MEN: Rick Mize
"Om Mani Padme Hum"
WOMEN: Kilmer Sweazy
MEN: Don Erb
"Mr. Blue Eyes"
WOMEN: Pat Lucas
WOMEN: Peggy Erb
"Creating Waves of Light"
MEN: Walter Losee
WOMEN: Melissa Fraser
MEN: Ken Jordan
MEN: Fran MacDonald
WOMEN: Carol Cole
"Fordson Tractor"
WOMEN: Amy Musinsky
MEN: David Kourtz
WOMEN: Elaine Donovan
"Red Swiss Chard Leaf"
MEN: Rakesh Karda
"The Whole Autumn Starts with a Single Leaf"
WOMEN: Marilyn Cloran
MEN: David Alexander
MEN: Greg Pronevitz
WOMEN: Pam Lintner
WOMEN: Linda Coviello
"Mono Lake"
MEN: Robert Pizzano
WOMEN: Alix Smullin
"Take a Spin"
MEN: Ken Carlson
"Product Shot"
MEN: Harry Smith
WOMEN: Linda Gould
MEN: Henry Winkleman
"USC vs Notre Dame"
WOMEN: Nina Taggart
WOMEN: Barbara Rozavsky
MEN: Gary Hoyt
"Kodi in Red"
MEN: Mike McNeill
"Jenne Farm in Winter"
WOMEN: Caroline Stella
WOMEN: Judi Hoyt
MEN: Jack Holmes
"Quarentin Ocho"
MEN: Peter Curcis
"Three Young Fox Exploring"
WOMEN: Arlene Winkleman
"Creative 3"
MEN: Joe Votano
WOMEN: Karen Hosking
MEN: Rick Cloran
"Pemaquid Evening"
WOMEN: Tracy Bailer
MEN: Peter Miller
WOMEN: Debby Eskenazi
"Preying Mantis"