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Susan Mosser and Pam Lintner

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Due Dates: (generally, images are due the 1st Monday of the month; competition night is generally the 2nd to the last Monday of the month).

Images Due Competition Nights

Categories for Competition:

Nature (Birds and Other)
Manipulated Art

Rick Cloran, HonPSA, GMPSA, HonNEC-GLPA Masters Competitor-Comments on All Class B; Class A General; Masters Nature
Charles Needle-Workshop Instructor & Lecturer-Comments on Class B General; All Class A; Masters Scenic & All Manipulated Art
Dennis Goulet, HonNEC- Photographic Soc of Rhode Island-Comments on Class B Scenic; Class A Nature; All Masters Class & All People
Paul Smith, MNEC-Gateway CC-Comments on All Class B; Class A Scenics; Masters Nature & All Manopulated Art
Michael Milicia-Workshop & Tour Leader-Comments on Class B Nature; All Class A; Masters General
Zoom Meeting Online only-CLUB NOT OPEN- DanCharbonnett, HonPSA, EPSA, HonNEC-Comments on Class B General; Class A Scenics; All Masters Class & All People

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LICENSED IMAGES: We appreciate that many members are actively promoting their work and often seek alternative avenues including the sale or licensing of their work to commercial sources. All members must understand that the sale or licensing of their work to a stock agency or other commercial enterprise places restrictions on the use and display of that image. Greater Lynn Photographic Association does not wish to unknowingly display a licensed or otherwise restricted image on its web site or in any other manner that may violate the terms of the member's licensing or sale agreement with a third party. We therefore require that members refrain from entering any image that is licensed or otherwise restricted in any competitions. In the event that a member is successful in marketing an image that is already on the GLPA web site, we ask that you immediately notify the web team at and alert us to that fact so that the image can be taken down promptly.

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Projected Image Competition

April 2020 Competition

Class B
Image of the Month
Ibis Feeding
Jennifer Meshna
Class A
Image of the Month
Fall Colors at Annisquam
Nina Taggart
Image of the Month
Down the Railing
Ken Jordan, MNEC

Image of the Month
Kimono Nude
Jim Brady, MNEC
Manipulated Art
Image of the Month
Dancing Sprite
Jim Brady, MNEC

(See Galleries of past competitions at end of this page.)

Please note:

1. The People category will now encompass all three classes. Individuals scores will be applied to the maker's accumulated totals within his or her class.

2. Nature-Other will require at least 8 or more images for it to be a standalone section. If there are 7 or fewer images, those images will be mixed in with the Nature-Bird images for that month.

Greater Lynn has an active competition program (see the separate link for Print Competitions). For a complete set of Rules for competing, click on the link in the left column.

The Digital Image Competition is open to all members who have paid their dues for the club year. Competitions will generally be held on the next to last Monday of the month in October, November, January, February, March, and April. Due to programming changes, March will be the last week of the month.

There will be a Photograph of the Year in Prints and in Projected Image.  The winners in each section will receive an 8x10 plaque with the winning image reproduced. 

Competing in a club our size is hard but rewarding. It is one of ways you will improve your photography, by putting your work up against others’ work and seeing how you compare. You will learn from the scores and critiques. If you never show anyone your work, you lose half the joy of taking the photograph.

Competition should be used as a learning tool, not just for scores. You can learn a lot from the judge’s comments on not only your work, but the other work that has been submitted.

Be sure to check out the write-up by Rick Cloran on Setting Your Color Space. This will help your images look as they should when they are projected.

Looking forward to seeing your images.


Galleries of winners from past competitions

2019-2020 season
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April Competition Zoom videos:

Class B video
Class A video

Masters Class video
People (A / Masters) video


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