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Halloween Bash 2018 recap
October 27, 2018

Game Night
February 02, 2019
6PM Social Hour- 7PM Dinner

2017 Halloween Bash Remembered-Article too long for a Tweet

2016 Halloween Party Recap

Halloween 2015 RECAP
October 24, 2015
6:00 PM

Chairman: Chris Germain
Chef: Dave Parsons
Sous Chef: John McGrath

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~ Chef Dave ~

Chef Dave Inside

~ Chef Dave with Sous Chef John ~

Chef Dave with Sous Chef John





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GLPA has several Saturday night "socials" throughout the year where members can bring spouses or significant others and join in an evening of fun, food and frivolity. Most often there is a theme for the evening - Halloween, Home Sweet Home (pj's were encouraged), the 1950s, etc.

Halloween Bash 2018 recap
October 27, 2018 na

Click here to see a gallery of images from the party taken by Tereza Pupeza on Saturday October 27. Great fun was had by all!

There will be no report by the roving reporter and her assistant Jaggy cat this year as alas I could not attend. It's very nice to see the pictures, however I must say it doesn't look like Lydia had any new duds or jewelry. After all it is her one big night of the year, and someone could haven't taken her shopping as she did earn a few pennies last year. Jaggy would like to thank Dottie McGrath for making her a cat litter box cake, though the picture sent to her didn't show any little fishes in it anywhere.

Chris Germain, MNEC Your Hostess and Dark Night Séance Medium dressed as a dust bunny did an outstanding job as usual with her decoration helpers. I was also told that the food was delicious from a new venue which of course just happens to be one of my favorite places for pot pies. I am sorry I missed the night and grand fun.

You can read last years report below.
Your roving reporter
Susan Mosser

Game Night
February 02, 2019 6PM Social Hour- 7PM Dinner

Join us for a fun night of game playing. Maybe you enjoy cribbage or running the deck in Hearts. A small poker tournament, trivial pursuit or a mean game of Mexican Train. Whatever game you enjoy playing bring it along-Monopoly anyone. We will have sign-up sheets for the various games and then after dinner we will split up and play. Friendly wagering will of course be allowed and we will have a few scratch tickets as prizes for the winning players.It will be a fun night of friendly competition and good eats.

Hopefully we will also be able to celebrate our beloved Patriots and wish them well at the Super Bowl the next day. There are some great pictures posted below from last years Super Bowl Party which as you all know did not turn out that well but we still had a great party.

The cost for the night which includes, food, libations and fun will be 15 dollars per person. Our hostess, Chris Germain, MNEC states it will be game night fare - chili, hot and cold subs, calzone, pulled pork, teriyaki chicken wings and salad.

You can sign up on the registration link in the left side column of this page and pay Chris at the club or sign up and pay with Chris at the club.

2017 Halloween Bash Remembered-Article too long for a Tweet

Of course not only don’t I not know how to ‘tweet’, I’m not even sure I know what a ’tweet’ is. I do know thanks to Jimmy Kimball live, the character count has just been doubled but who the hell wants to count letters every time you send something-but I digest. This is supposed to be a write-up about the Halloween Social not a critique of tweeting, though I will be doing some critiquing. To be an honest reporter you have to write about everything-good, bad and most important how many cat items which are really how I rate all my parties.

Too start out with, it’s worth coming to this party just to see the hall decorated and done up. Every year our head designer Chris Germain and her helpers Denise Benavides, Barbara Flockhart, Ellen Losee, Barbara Rozavsky and Dana Hoffman out-do themselves. Every inch of the club has some type of decoration. Every year there is something new and different. The outside ramp was covered with caution tape and the windows were lit up with pumpkins. The walls were covered with purple and white ghosts in the background-this has been the standard theme now for a few years-time for a change. They don’t dare to get rid of the fabulous color purple for fear of a poor review. They even remembered this year to adorn my reserved table with a purple tablecloth. The tables were done up in orange and black with centerpieces handmade by Denise and Chris which were works of art. A glass jar with sparkly do-do’s -fancy French word and balls in various colors all adorned with a cat. That’s cat item no 1. Of course they had purple at this reporters table trying to bribe me for a good review. A second glass had lit up crinkle paper and a tree silhouette. The front of the hall had full displays on all the tables of cats, candelabras, little witch houses, and much more including a hot spa -very large witches caldron- with water and smoke occupied by the Freaks Committee Skeletons trying to sweat the marrow out of their bones to serve us for dinner. My cat assistant won’t even eat that! Coming into the main hall for the gathering had you walking through a grey canvas curtain which led you into the Devils Den. We were greeted by Grayson and Lydia our mascot skeletons in very comfy chairs this time. Grayson hit the Salem Skeleton lottery, bought them new chairs and took Lydia clothes shopping. She was in a desperate state, not making any money or getting any dates and needed a makeover. Her new hair was a delightful crown of orange snakes with a matching orange boa and a black blouse. Not see through but she really doesn’t have much up top to look at anyways. He even bought her some bracelets- very cheap but still jewelry. The best item of all was her new pet cat sitting in her boney lap. That’s cat item no 2. Grayson had his usual dapper tux tee shirt and hat. We offered to hook him up with Denise -who is always in some type of hooker theme outfit- but he says he spent too much money on Lydia’s new duds to dump her now and Denise has too much meat left on her bones. Bones, our skeleton butler, also had a black cat as his server. That’s cat item #3. New to the gathering this year, were dancing Mummy and dancing Frankenstein who hung out with scarecrow bimbos Agatha and Christine in the ghost of Frank Bond corner. Christine had a dog at her feet. That’s not a cat item so minus one on the party rate scale. Other decorations included hanging ghosts, graveyard stones, a flying spider tree, pumpkins, skeletons and heads everywhere, orange lights and new this year a small lighted tree hanging over the food table. Most importantly –black cats everywhere-some even talked. Cat items no 4-15 means a Grade A Party rating on places to go on the Halloween roster. Even the ladies room and men’s room were fully decorated. The ladies had a bit more class with black flowers and leaves with a witch on the door, while the men’s had a Ghoul on the urinal that screamed whenever it was in use. It was suppose to scare you mid flow. I didn’t get to test it as I don’t have the correct equipment for the urinal and the cat assistant needs litter in the bottom for her to jump in. There was also a skeleton that talked and said the seat is warm –thank me later.

The hall was set for 48 but as usual we had last minute party crashing attendees so we set up another table which meant we had to move Grayson and Lydia. Grayson was not happy as he thought they were finally on a money making corner. Bones said he was not serving the extra table as his cat server slept most of the time and was really no help. My cat helper is also sleeping. Some of our notable costumed guests were our three hostesses: Barbara Rozavsky as a park ranger, Denise Benavides dressed as a waitress for the dead with her tiny tiny orange hat. I still don’t understand the hat but at least she is off the hooker theme this year. Our head hostess Chris Germain was a gypsy fortune teller. I tried to get my fortune told, but I kept getting put off as I only had $1 to pay her with. Jill and Steve Silvester came as armed pirates with a cutlass ready to protect us all from the Zombies, but only one Zombie showed up-Linda Coviello and she kept taking off her mask so they never got to show us their sword tricks. Anthony Colozzi was a Minion -store bought costume but still cute, Barbara Flockhart was a death eater from Harry Potter. Something else I know nothing about. Did they have cats in Harry Potter. My cat Jaggy woke up long enough to say no, so I have already lost interest in it. New members the Purdy family -also known as member Judy Burgess daughter- came as a prisoner and Dracula. Walter Losee was in some Mexican getup and told me ‘he is not paying for the wall’. Eileen Marino was a jelly fish that lit up, ‘but she was shedding her tentacles everywhere. Uli Welsch was in a very lovely India dress really meant more for the runway in Paris. I think she got off on the wrong subway stop. Our President Bob Pizzano was a sunglass salesman for the eclipse -note to Bob-no one bought any cause they were just regular sunglasses and we didn’t want to go blind. Jake Mosser, Ken Jordan and Dana Patch were all in tee shirts with their idea of a costume written on them. Jake’s was a repeat-he has no imagination. Ken’s was an excuse to get free beer. Dana‘s however had a hat also which was really ex-rated. Dana Hoffman came as Queen of the Cats with a tee shirt and ears but everyone knows I am really Queen of the Cats as I also had ears, nails done with black cats and a tail. Every cat needs a tail. What was she thinking.

Now to the food. We started out with a bit of booze and munchies- munchies much too boring to go into here. The only creative dish, bought by Brenda Driscoll was a large tray with a pumpkin and green crap –guacamole- coming out of his carved mouth to go on the crackers below. I brought 4 pounds of shrimp which was gone in 20 minutes. You think the cat statues were eating them. The main menu consisted of ziti with meatballs, chicken lemare -fancy name for lemon chicken- eggplant, grilled vegetables- all little trees-UGH UGH. Everyone who is anybody knows I do not do little trees. Chicken with broccoli-again little trees and salad. There was enough food left over to feed 20 more people. Everyone had their plastic containers out for the leftovers. Desserts were a big treat, so much so my husband was eating them before dinner. Ken Jordan and president Bob judged the dessert contest. We had 8 homemade desserts and the winner was a tie between Barbara Flockhart’s apple crisp cream cake and Chris Germain’s mocha fudge mousse pie. We had lots of cupcakes, brownies, cakes and chocolates but again I need to make it known that there was not one peanut butter item. That is not the way to please this reporter. How hard is it for someone to make a batch of PB cookies. It’s very sad when the party critic doesn’t even eat desert.

I chose myself to judge the costume contest as I am the most unbiased person there. Please note I did not choose Dana Hoffman’s cat costume. Best couple went to Jill & Steve Silvester -pirates; best overall- Mike Purdy -prisoner; Funniest-Barbara Rozavsky -park ranger- as no one would listen to her in the park because she is not tall enough for them to see her; most original- Eileen Marino -jellyfish; and worst- Dana patch with his rude hat.

Two notable items of the night were- 1. Ken Jordan throwing empty beer cans at park ranger Rozavsky as he stated ‘he always wanted to throw a beer can at a ranger’. Cross that off his bucket list. 2. Music was provided by our Master of Ceremonies Barbara Rozavsky who had every Halloween themed song you would ever want to hear on her iPod. However, I again had to wait over an hour to hear the famous and my favorite song- Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones and then it was the short version. Mick was singing softly to me as the old folks kept yelling-turn it down. They just don’t appreciate good rock and roll. My assistant Jaggy -who is named for him- meowed that she wished she was there to hear it all.

Another very successful Do. As Eva Gabor would say, ‘Darling you must really plan to attend in 2018’. If you haven’t been to this social you haven’t lived yet. You cannot have this much fun anywhere else for $15. Even Lydia gets more than that when she is working.

Your roving reporter ‘Always a Charmer’ Susan Mosser
and her furry assistant Miss Feline Jaggy who really didn’t do much of anything but sleep.

Hostess-Denise Benavidis-Chris Germain-Barbara Rozavsky

Ken Jordan -Karen Hosking

GLPA President Bob Pizzano

Jake Mosser

Dinning Table of GLPA members

Costume Winners-

2016 Halloween Party Recap

Here are a few images from the Halloween Party this fall. Thanks to Tony Marino for the images. Click for images

Halloween 2015 RECAP
October 24, 2015 6:00 PM

See images from the evening. It may take a couple of minutes to load, so be patient. Click for images