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Meetings start at 7:30 pm
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Chairman: Janice Koskey

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Artistic Vision Group

(available to members only)

This new group is designed to give you the opportunity to take a closer look into your photographs to determine where you are and in what direction you want to go in your photographic journey. Perhaps you are thinking about exhibiting your work, creating a portfolio, submitting to a juried show, setting up a web site, or applying for artistic membership in an art association. In these situations you are often required to include artist statements or informational paragraphs. But what would you write? Where would you start? If at some point you want to determine your artistic vision, a good way to start is to observe, contemplate, and express ideas about your work.

During our three sessions we will examine our work for themes, connections, meaning, and mood, considering the whys and wherefores of our photographic process before, during and after clicking the shutter.

Participants will bring 1-5 favorite prints (preferably) or digital images on a personal device to each session beginning with the first. Through a series of questions and exercises I will help you look at your own work with a curator's eye. This will encourage you to think more deeply about what's behind the image, what it represents to you and why viewers may want to look at it.

Part of the group experience will be sharing the resulting ideas with others in pairs or groups of three. Many of us would love to talk about our images, but who in our lives really wants to listen? The thinking, speaking, and active listening in this group will encourage you to determine and express your artistic vision and will help other participants articulate theirs.

Janice Koskey, Chairman

Janice Koskey was an English teacher in the Lynn Public Schools where she also conducted professional development training. She often used this group format of thinking exercises and small group sharing to help teachers develop their craft (art). We expect this process will transfer well to photographers also.

We can also visit several great museums in our area. Check out the Field Trips page for scheduled trips.