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Meetings start at 7:30 pm
generally on Tuesdays

This activity is open only to members

Stefanie Timmermann will lead
these four meetings:

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019
Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019
Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020
Tues., Apr. 14, 2020 CANCELLED
(to restart in the fall)

Chairman: Stefanie Timmermann

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Creative Group:







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Creative Group

(available to members only)

GLPA would like to thank Stefanie Timmermann for taking over the Creative Group. And our thanks go to Karen Choi for starting the Creative Group and her chairmanship for several years.

The only limitation in creative photography is your imagination. Everything else is just a matter of learning how to use an image post-processing program! I'm here to help you figure out the steps (I'll be using photoshop) - and learn along with you if you ask about a technique I am not familiar with.

I will host the creative group this year and would like to focus on fostering creativity through a variety of means. The group nights will be split into an educational portion (demonstrating a short technique and discussing an assignment), a show-and-tell portion (bring your own images for supportive, constructive feedback) and an inspirational part (bring images from other photographers that have blown you away!).

Just like Karen, I will ask people to use the demonstrated technique in a way that is meaningful to them. In other words - we may have a common theme but everyone will utilize it in their own creative way. Every finished piece will be different.

The great thing about Creative Photography is you get to bend the rules. You get to think outside the box, and produce something that is not like anyone else's work. You may learn a technique, but how you choose to apply it is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer. Sharing of the work at the beginning of each meeting will allow you to see the directions that others in the group took the technique. This will allow you to be inspired by others as well as feel satisfaction in your own success with your images. Creative photography lets you develop your photoshop skills; it lets you push your own comfort zone and it allows you to grow as an artist.

I hope you will join the Creative Group. We only meet a few times during the year…. but I will be at the majority of the club meetings and would love to talk with you about Creative Photography.

This year, GLPA will be presenting two Creative workshops by Hazel Meredith, APSA, HonNEC (TN) on Saturday, March 7, 2020. The morning session will be on on Photoshop Elements and the afternoon session will be on Topaz. You may pay and signup for one or both workshops. If you sign up for both workshops, the price will be discounted. Registration and signup will be through PayPal on the GLPA website at a later date.

Stefanie Timmermann

All images copyright Stefanie Timmermann.