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Meetings start at 7:30 pm
generally on Thursdays

This activity is open ONLY to members

Classroom sessions:

Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018
Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018
Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019
Thursday, Mar. 28, 2019
Thursday, Apr. 18, 2019

Field Trips:

There will very likely be several 
field trips but dates have not yet been selected. The chairman will email everyone in the group of such a trip. We will posted here as they are scheduled.

Chairman: Joe Votano

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Fine Arts Group:





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Fine Art /
Pictorial Photography Group

(available to members only)

(To get an idea of what Fine Art / Pictorial Photography is all about, visit Joe Votano's website which has excellent examples of images fitting the category. Joe Votano Photography)

This fifth year of Fine Art Photography (FAP) at the GLPA promises to be quite evolutionary in taking up (en)Visionography (enV) which is a new name for Fine Art Photography.  enV is the photography we can create in the digital era where we have lots of freedom to express our vision. We now have many more tools than in the film era which allow us to transform an image to suit our vision. We are starting to liberate ourselves as photographers and becoming ARTISTS. We can express ourselves as never before due to these tools; thereby transcending the real world. In enV one doesn't just record a scene or object, or interpret the scene or object, but rather use the scene or object to express one vision, to create something new by controlling light and monochromaticity. It's using reality as a tool for translating one's inner self  and representation of the world into an art object that resonates with others.

A Syllabus of What Will Be Covered

This season marks our fifth year of Fine Art Photography (FAP). It will be an exciting year exploring new a subject area, enV.

Discovering (en)Visionography with authors Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou and will cover three sessions. Topics covered: Vision in FAP, Moving away from Objective Reality to Discover Personal Vision, enV attributes. Next, we cover: Composition as a Base for Creation, Photography Drawing in B&W, Seeing in B&W and the Rules of Gray, Long Exposure and Fine Art Approach, and B&W Post Processing using Gradient Masks.

Critiquing the work of a famous photographer by a FAP members. Critiques will encompass the style, composition, use of tonal contrast, subject matter, and elucidating the fine art qualities of 20 or so images. Presence of quality is a principal characteristic of Fine Art Photography that which evokes emotion or feeling or a contemplative mood in the viewer. The photographers studied cover a broad range of styles and subject matter. Hopefully, their work will open doors of thought to different ways of seeing and, thereby, more creative imaging taking and processing. 

Show and Tell by Members. At each session, members will show their work. Each member will discuss his/her images; how they evolved; what he/she felt about the image; and does it achieve or invoke the idea behind the image with the viewer? We cover images from field and non-field trips. Any images one feels he or she wants to show.

Tools to Use to Create FAP and enVisiongraphs. We will explore going from a RAW file to a completed image. Photoshop CS5 or higher or Lightroom and Nik filters will be used. Techniques to create monochromatic images are to be reviewed using Nik filters and luminosity masks and gradients. Tonal range development, hand manipulation of tones, selective sharpening, soft-focusing techniques, and learning how to make elements in an image all work towards realizing your vision.

GLPA will hold seven classroom sessions and several field trips.  Sessions start at 7:30 PM; these sessions will be held once a month from October through April and last about 60 to 90 minutes each. A PDF of subject matter covered in each session will be supplied to each class member via the Internet. Providing this information will enable people who wish to attend to have material covered in past sessions at their disposal for future study and review.

Besides attending the sessions, it is hoped that every member will have Photoshop CS5 or CS6 or CC or Elements 11 or higher, plus a suite of free Nik Filters available from Google.

Joe Votano, Chairman

All images copyright Joe Votano.