"Food Bank Collection for City of Lynn"
by GLPA Membership
Monday, March 26, 7:00 PM

This will be our fourth year collecting food for the families of the Lynn Community. The Sacred Heart Church across the street has redone their food bank area but it will not open until May, so this year’s donation will again be delivered to St. Stephen’s Church for distribution. They are part of the Lynn Hunger Network and give food out 3 out of 4 Fridays a month. As a nonprofit organization we need to perform activities like this to help us maintain our nonprofit status for taxes and donations made to the club.

In this time of uncertain finances for many families it may become difficult to keep food on the table. Food banks are finding that more and more families are relying on them for a weekly bag or two of groceries. The Board of Directors is asking members to bring two or more non-perishable items of food with them to the March 26th Monday night meeting which is our monthly Projected Image Competition night. Please note this is the last Monday of the month due to a change in the March competition dates.

The BOD would like to thank David Kourtz very much for handling this each year. Dave has made the necessary contacts with the, is bringing the boxes for the collection and is arranging for a group of members to pack up your donations on Tuesday morning and deliver them to the church.Our thanks also to Ken Jordan, MNEC who always volunteers his services each year to help with the delivery.

We will have boxes on the tables in the back hall where you can place your donations. Please be generous and help out with this worthy cause.

Of special note this year: Donations MUST have an expiration date beyond March 2018. The pantry cannot accept food dated prior to March 2018 as they cannot distribute outdated food nor have it on their shelves. This is not the time to clean out your shelves of unused products..

All food donations are appreciated, but at the moment, the most needed items are-1. single packet or boxed ceral, 2. canned beef stew, chicken and tuna,3.canned fruit and vegetables and 4. single serve fruit juices in packages of 8.

Though not part of the food drive, Dave does have the means to distribute packaged diapers through another Lynn organization so he is also asking for those as a donation.