Image by Joseph Votano

Image by Joseph Votano

"Fine Art Photography Print Show by GLPA Fine Art Group Members"
by Joseph Votano & Larry Dunn
Sunday, September 16, 2:00-5:00 PM-Opening Reception

The fine art section of the GLPA membership is hosting a fine art photography (FAP) print show from September 16 to October 10 with an opening reception on September 16 from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. at the club. The reception is open to all members of the club and the general public. The show will host fifty or more mounted prints in both B&W and color that explore the world of fine art photography. The latter covers many areas of photography. It's easy to say what FAP is not (e.g., no baby, wedding, passport, or crime scene photos); it's another matter to define what it is.

FAP images go beyond appearances. They act as symbols or metaphors for something else that's generated in the viewer's mind. That something else could be aesthetic emotions or pure emotions and ideas in the viewer's mind other than simple beauty. How to recognize FAP is summed up in this single sentence by Brooks Jensen editor of Lensviewer, ‘A good fine art photograph is one that makes the viewer so aware of the emotional content that the viewer is unaware of the print.’

Aesthetic emotions are the fusing of meaningful feelings with thought (thinking), and thought contains the abstract ideas derived from our feelings. On the other hand, pure emotions can be all kinds: fear, anger, hope, solitude, sadness, isolation, joy, tranquility, empathy to name a few; as well as our sensory feelings: warmth, cold, etc. Everyone has different degrees of intensity as to their feelings and different ideas based on our life experiences so people react differently in what they see and feel about an image. That's the fun of doing fine art photography, you never know the viewer's response to an image.

It may surprise many but FAP covers many areas of photography: photojournalism, landscape, architecture, portraiture, still life, street, and surrealism/creative. One only has to look at the works of Eugene Smith, Eugene Atget, Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, and Andreas Gursky to name only a very few photographers to see the broad spectrum encompassing FAP.

We hope that this FAP show will introduce fine art photography to all members of the club and the general public. So please join us at our reception on Sunday, September 16, 2018, in the GLPA auditorium and bring your friends to see the show.

Joe Votano -Fine Art Group Leader
Larry Dunn-Print Competition Chairman