All Images by Chris Germain, MNEC

All Images by Chris Germain, MNEC

"Photo-Ops Day-For Members Only"
by Chris Germain, MNEC & Barbara Rozavsky, HonNEC-Coordinators
Saturday, March 14, 10AM- 3 PM

Got the winter blahs. Cure them by spending Saturday March 14, at Greater Lynn headquarters taking advantage of the photo opportunities – AKA - Photo Ops - available to you. There will be still-life setups—regular and black light, polarized light setup, fruit plunge, glassware, and other possibilities. As noted in a previous email blast to the membership there will not be any female models available but there will be some type of models either character, kids or dogs but not the usual females we have at model days.

Some of the setups will work best with a macro lens. But don’t let your lack of a macro keep you from coming. You may also want to bring a tripod. Stay for as much or as little time as you want. You can come and go during the 5 hour period as you wish. You do not have to arrive at 10am.

Please see Chris Germain or Barbara Rozavsky at the club or e-mail if you have any questions

Please note, there is no option for lunch. You are on your own for food. If bringing a sandwich it should not need to be refrigerated. The photo ops will run through lunch.