"NECCC Projected Image Division Interclub Judging-CANCELED-Will be done online with judges and no audience"
by Rick & Marilyn Cloran-Coordinators
Monday, March 30, 7:15 PM

The competition will now be done online and judged by our 3 judges without an audience.- There will be no program or judging at the club.

There are three judges with each judge scoring from 3 to 9 on an image yielding a total score range of 9 to 27. NECCC scoring allows for tie scores but then eliminates a following place. For example, if two images scored 27 and one scored 26. The two with 27 would tie for first place, second place would be eliminated, and the image that scored 26 would receive third place. This does not affect HM’s if there is a tie for third place. All of the judges come from other clubs than Greater Lynn.