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Annual Raffle Information

check back in October for 2023-2024 schedule


Here is information about what we usually do for our Annual Raffle.

For many years our organization has been running a raffle to help defray the costs associated with operating our active association. However for the 2021-22 club season we have decided to take a short hiatus on running the raffle.

Normally in January, each member receives an envelope with two books of tickets to sell and return to the chairman. Of course we encourage everyone to try and sell more tickets. The prizes range from cash gift cards to cameras, TV’s , computer screens and other technical devices.

The drawings are normally held on a Monday night meeting in April.

Thanks to Mary Moffette and Sue Bidollo for all their work on this project for the past few years during this difficult time of Covid.  Thank you to all the club members who supported this each year.

Dorothy Beaudoin receiving her 2021 1st place $500 gift card from Pam Lintner