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September 01, 2020

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Garden in the Woods Spring Nature
with Jacob Mosser
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Tomas Sanchez

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Nubble Lighthouse
York, Maine

Field Trip Policy Reminder

With the new season upon us, we want to encourage members to take advantage of the field trips that are researched and made available during the course of the season. These provide excellent opportunities to interact with your fellow photographers and to make some top caliber images. We hope that the "old hands" will take an active part in mentoring newer workers in the photographic process. We also need to remind all members that while our Field Trip Leaders and other volunteers identify locations for photography and attempt to help with logistics, neither they nor the Greater Lynn Photographic Association has any control over travel to or from a location or the conditions encountered at it. All participation in field trip activities is voluntary on the part of the member and any minor member they may bring. Neither GLPA nor the Field Trip Leaders or volunteers assume any
liability for any accidents or other situations which may occur as a result of a member's participation in a field trip.

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Field Trips and Evening Exposure

Upcoming Field Trips

Various field trips are scheduled throughout the year to places in New England. Sign-ups are necessary to get an idea of how many are attending. Carpooling is generally available which is a great way to get to know other members of the club and to discuss photographic ideas and techniques while travelling to the venue. Sign ups are easy: at the club or thru the online form listed in the left column.

Field Trip News and General Information
September 01, 2020

We would like to thank member Tomas Sanchez for stepping up and agreeing to be the Field Trip Chairman for GLPA! Thank you Tom! Volunteers from our membership have been leading our trips in the past couple of years. Now we have someone who is actually the trip coordinator and he will lead a few trips throughout the year also.

Members of the club may still lead a trip or two during the year. It doesn't have to be anyplace fancy – just someplace you enjoyed shooting or an event you know is happening. If you are interested in leading a trip, e-mail Tom sanchezte@verizon.net and discuss your ideas.

Normally trips would be listed chronologically on the page and we would add the info to the listing as the time got nearer to the trip. You would then look below for specific information on any of the trips as it is posted. Other trip information would be posted as we had volunteers to lead them.

Field trips are a way for you to meet your fellow member photo enthusiasts in the club. Trips range from day time all day trips to one to two hour sunset trips. They are usually followed by a late breakfast, lunch or dinner stop with the group depending on the time of the trip. Members meet at the camera club to car pool, as it's more fun to ride with a few other club members while giving you an opportunity to visit. Of course you are always welcome to drive to the destination on your own and meet the group there.

For all trips you should have good walking shoes, light jacket and cash to cover your meal and your share of gas, tolls and or park entry fees with your car pool driver. Equipment needs will be listed on the website or in the emails for the trip. Normally it a short to medium telephoto lens and a tripod.

You should sign up for all field trips on the field trip page of the website using the online sign up in the left side column. Then we have your name and contact info should the trip be canceled.

Hope you will be able to attend some of the scheduled trips once they are planned and posted.

Jake Mosser

Ken Jordan

Boston Waterfront

Various Members on a Trip

Garden in the Woods

Pond Shooting