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Congratulations to club member Jim Brady, MNEC who won Image of the Year in Projected Pictorial for Class A with his image "Angling for the Take Down."

Congratulations also to Rick and Marilyn Cloran who selected our projected images for the Digital Interclub competitions. GLPA placed first in Pictorial and Nature Projected Images for the year ending in May 2023.

Congratulations also to those members whose images/prints were selected to be used in these competitions!


Digital Interclub Competition
Marilyn Cloran, FPSA, MPSA, MNEC
Rick Cloran, HonFPSA, GMPSA, HonNEC
Individual Print Competition
Larry Dunn, MNEC
Dana Patch, MNEC


Questions regarding the
NECCC Competitions?

Marilyn and Rick (digital)

Dana and Larry (prints)
printinterclubcomp@ greaterlynnphoto.org







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NECCC Competitions


NECCC Individual Print Competition

Larry Dunn is the Chairman for the interclub print competitions.  

Due to a lack of participation, NECCC has discontinued the Interclub Print Competition and replaced it with an Individual Print Competition.

The NECCC Individual Print Competition will be held twice a year and is modeled after the NECCC Conference Print Competition. For 2023 – 2024 the NECCC Individual Print Competitions will be on Saturday November 4, 2023 and April 6, 2024 at Greater Lynn Photographic Association.
This competition is open to ALL members of NECCC Member Clubs.

For more information about the NECCC Individual Print Competition, click here.

NECCC Digital Interclub Competition

As a member of the New England Camera Club Council (NECCC), the Association participates in projected image competitions between other member clubs. The Association currently participates in competitions for Color and Nature Projected images. Beginning with the 2023-2024 season NECCC is adding a Monochrome Projected image category and, if we have enough competition caliber images, we will also participate in this new category. The Association competes in Class A, the highest level, in each of these categories. If you look in the club's trophy case you can see the storied history of GLPA's success in these competitions in the array of the NECCC medals that show how many times GLPA has finished first overall.

There are three competitions each season in each of the competition categories and classes. These are typically called: Fall, Winter and Spring. The actual month of the competition can vary, but they are typically Fall (Oct. or Nov.), Winter (Jan. or Feb.) and Spring (Mar. or Apr.). Each competition is judged by three judges. Due to the unexpected loss of the competition coordinator, Susan Mosser and GLPA have offered to host all of the competitions for this year. This will change the normal scoring format from the 3-9 of past years to 2-5, using the traditional PSA exhibition scoring range. The awards given are First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention. Awards are given to approximately 10% of the images entered in each Class within each category.

There is also a season ending Image of the Year competition in each class for both projected image categories and both print categories to pick the top image for the season from those that won a First, Second, or Third Place during the year. GLPA members have been recipients of the NECCC Medals that are given to the top image from the year end competition. The individual and club year end medals are presented at the NECCC Conference in July if held or the Annual Representatives Meeting.

Each competition category involves four images from four different makers. Only one image from a maker is allowed in a club’s category entry. This makes it critical that members who belong to more than just GLPA choose a club to compete from for the season and let the competition representative (Marilyn and Rick for projected images) know whether they will be competing from GLPA or from a different club. We try to ask in advance of the first competition, but we always appreciate it when a member lets us know sooner than that.

An image entered in projected nature cannot be entered in either nature, pictorial, or monochrome again, whether or not it wins. The Nature category of projected images follows the PSA rules for what qualifies as a "nature" image. Basically, that means it may not contain evidence of the hand of man or be of a domesticated or cultivated subject. Images in the Nature category may not be manipulated beyond a few things allowed by PSA. See Rick or Marilyn if you have a question on this. Images for Pictorial or Monochrome projected category can be manipulated.

Co-chairs for the projected image competitions, Marilyn and Rick, collect images they feel will represent the Association well in each competition. The selections are generally made from images that have been submitted for the Association’s regular monthly competition. However, they occasionally will ask a member if they may use a specific image that they have seen or if the member can provide a selection of images from which one or more might be chosen. Any member not wishing their images to be selected from those submitted for monthly competition or who competes from a different club, should notify Marilyn and Rick of this as soon as possible. No changes are ever made to the images. If a change is desired, the maker is asked to make it. All copyright remains with the maker.

The results of the competitions are announced at the Association when they are received. They are also sent out in the regular e-mail blasts that we use to convey club news. If you miss the announcement click here http://www.neccc.org/p/interclub-competition.html to see the results of the digital competitions on NECCC’s web site. There is a gallery of past winning images which is well worth browsing to see the caliber of the images that have won in the past. Use the individual links for the competition results if you do not have a Facebook account to see the broader general gallery. There is also a link to the 2023-2024 Interclub instructions and updates page that has the dates for the judgings.  Top scoring images may be eligible for entry into the respective NECCC Image of the Year competitions at the end of each season. Greater Lynn has had a number of members win NECCC medals in these competitions. In 2023, Jim Brady won the Image of the year award in Projected Pictorial for Class A with his image “Angling For The Takedown”.