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2019 Competition was held on March 4, 2019

Coordinator: Jacob Mosser

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One Shot 2018-2019 (archives)

Women vs Men

Monday, March 4, 2019 7:30pm

Presentation Director: Jake Mosser
Equipment: Rick Cloran

From Susan Mosser-Your roving reporter and her secretary "Jaggie" the cat (who didn't do much work as it's her nap time). Click here for images from the evening.

It was a very drab, dark and depressing night in Greater Lynn's "Whoville" when the Men stole the "One Shot" 16 to 9. (Get it?)

Congratulations to the Men. I am amazed I could actually type that as my fingers did not want to go to the correct keys. Thank you to our 2 judges Don Toothaker & Mary Boucher, MNEC for a great job. We did not have a trophy turning ceremony as the trophy was already on the men's side so I have attached a picture from last year's turning to give the men that extra little thrill. We had a lot of fun and lots of laughs even though the women outnumbered the men in attending the night. The biggest laugh of the night was when I made the statement "I was trying very hard to be a lady tonight." No one believed it and everyone almost fell off their chairs laughing. Jaggie also wants me to say that she found the Don the judge's comment on the category Door(s) about kicking the cat of the stoop to be worrisome as all cats nap on stoops if you can find a comfy one.

The Dessert Cook Off made $526 for the club's coffers. Now we can cover the plowing and the shoveling of the club so we could all be there tonight.

Thank you to all the cooks for such yummy looking items. Cooks were: Susan Bidollo, Mike Bourgault, Marilyn Cloran, Andy Gatchell, Chris Germain, Carolyn Livingston, Ellie Losee, Mary Moffett, Jake Mosser and Amy Musinsky. The women lost the photo part of the night but managed to win all but one of the desserts. The winner of the cook-of with the most tickets in their bag was a tie between Marilyn Cloran's brownies and Jake Mosser's Apple Pie. They decided to donate the $25 monetary prize (donated by Susan Mosser) to the clubs coffers, so we actually took in $551 for the night. 2nd place in the cook-off went to Ellie Losee with her German Blueberry Raspberry Cobbler and 3rd went to Carolyn Livingston with Triple Chocolate Cake.

Thank you to: Jake Mosser for putting the show together and making all the titles images, Pam Lintner and Rick Cloran as projectionists, Bob Pizzano as our official scorer with his programmed iPad for all to see from down front (very depressing to look at), John McGrath & Dottie Beaudoin for taking care of the libations (buying & setting it up), Marilyn Cloran for handling all the aspects of the cook-off, the set up crew who set up the hall last Thursday (Ken Jordan, Karen Hosking, Rick & Marilyn Cloran, Pam Lintner & Jake Mosser), Ken Jordan & Peter Curcis who sold raffle tickets tonight and a very special thank you to Chris Germain who went to the club early, decorated it and then handled all the food set up-popping the popcorn and keeping the table stocked as well as the coffee pots. I neglected to thank her at the club and apologize for leaving her out. Chris made a Tollhouse Pie for the cook-off, bought some tickets and won her own dessert which her house mate Barbara Rozavsky a very happy camper.

We will take a vote at the March Projected Image night as to whether to continue with this night next year and if we do we will need suggestions for categories. Put on your thinking caps.

Susan Mosser HonPSA, HonNEC
Program Chairman



2019 One Shot Images and Winners

Here are the categories, images submitted and maker names. Winning images are listed on the left side - the Men. Bummer. Again.


Winning Images are
on the left

Title Images by Jacob Mosser
MEN: Bob Pelland

WOMEN: Tracy Bailer
MEN: Peter Meo

WOMEN: Eileen Marino
MEN: Fran MacDonald

WOMEN: Nina Taggart
MEN: Robert Pizzano

WOMEN: Linda Gould
MEN: Tony Marino

WOMEN: Elaine Donovan
MEN:Jack Holmes

WOMEN: Kathaleen Coelho
WOMEN: Pat Lucas

MEN: Walter Losee
MEN: Gary Hoyt

WOMEN: Diane Scanzani
MEN: Bob Ring

WOMEN: Suman Shah
WOMEN: Linda Coviello

MEN: Ken Carlson
WOMEN: Melissa Fraser

MEN: Rick Mize
MEN: Joe Votano

WOMEN: Pat Haney
MEN: Ken Jordan

WOMEN: Janice Koskey
WOMEN: Debby Eskenazi

MEN: Jacob Mosser
WOMEN: Marie Pelletier

MEN: George Roy
MEN: Rick Cloran

WOMEN: Caroline Stella
MEN: Harry Smith

WOMEN: Judi Hoyt
MEN: Dave Kourtz

WOMEN: Amy Musinsky
MEN: Ron Morse

WOMEN: Chris Germain
MEN: Jim Brady

WOMEN: Merle Gordon
WOMEN: Barbara Rozavsky

MEN: Greg Pronevitz
MEN: Peter Curcis

WOMEN: Brenda Driscoll
WOMEN: Ulrike Welsch

MEN:Tony Hober
WOMEN: Karen Hosking

MEN: Skip Hoyt
WOMEN: Marilyn Cloran

MEN: Jim Gallagher