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Halloween Gathering and Night Bash Spook Fest
October 28, 2023

Halloween Bash & Spook Fest with High Priestess & Hostess Chris Germain. HonNEC
October 29, 2022

Recap of the 2019 Halloween Bash
October 26, 2019

Halloween Bash 2018 recap
October 27, 2018

Chairman: Chris Germain, HonNEC
Libations: John McGrath, MNEC
and Dorothy Beaudoin

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Chris Germain,
High Priestess and Hostess

Bones and Lydia get married

The hall during meal

Susan's cat corner



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GLPA has several Saturday night "socials" throughout the year where members can bring spouses or significant others and join in an evening of fun, food and frivolity. Most often there is a theme for the evening - Halloween, Home Sweet Home (pj's were encouraged), the 1950s, etc.

Halloween Gathering and Night Bash Spook Fest
October 28, 2023

The Halloween soiree held October 28 at the club was a classic success, as usual! Click here to see some images from the evening.

After Lord Grayson ran off with Linda Coviello last year, Lydia has found eternal happiness with Lord Spenser.

Lydia and Spenser cordially invite you to celebrate the first anniversary of their happily ever-afterlife. The spooky festivities will be Saturday, October 28th at 6PM for cocktails and dinner to be served by Lydia’s flunkies at 7PM.

The Fee for this celebration is $20.00 for dinner and beverages -menu to be finalized soon.

We do ask that attendees bring either an appetizer to share or participate in the dessert contest. Costumes are not needed but highly encouraged! Please join us for this joyous occasion in the most unholy night of the year.

Sign up on the sign-up link in the left side column if this page and then pay at the club or sign up and pay at the club with Chris.


Halloween Bash & Spook Fest with High Priestess & Hostess Chris Germain. HonNEC
October 29, 2022

Here are some images from the Halloween Bash on October 29. Our roving reporter and her secretary jaggy the cat will post a report shortly on the goings on that evening. A fun time was had by all.

Check out the other bash recap write ups by the Halloween Editor and her faithful black cat assistant below to give you an idea of what goes on during the event of the year. There are also great pictures of the previous Bashes-just click on the links below.

Recap of the 2019 Halloween Bash
October 26, 2019

A good time was had by all. Click here to see images from the evening. Thank you to Tony Marino for taking all the great shots and to Pam Lintner for making the gallery and posting them on the web.

Since Jaggy the secretary cat and I were unable to attend-her tail was out of ink and it’s a special order item that I couldn’t get in time and we were both just too upset to attend. I was told however that Bones did buy Lydia some new duds befitting her status of freaky hostess and escort.

Barbara Rozavsky did take a few notes and sent them to me. Here’s a quickie of the important stuff-costumes and food.
Most Original Costume- Brenda Driscoll as a Forest Fairy
Best Female Linda Coviello as the Wanda Witch
Best Couple Larry Dunn and his wife as a Convict and jail bride
Best MaleWalter Losee as a priest

Other costumes were our hostess herself Chris Germain as the Chef from Hell, Roberta and Tom Sanchez as Hippies, Eileen Marino as a Queen Bee, Patrick Brosnan as a Green Screen and Barbara Flockhart as a fancy lady from the 60’s. Barbara Rozavsky, Amy Musinsky and Dana Hoffman were goofy Newfies who played ugly sticks to a piece of music from Newfoundland. I was told it wasn’t very good - actually it sucked. People described it as 15 minutes of their life they would never get back. The Costume judges were new member Ed Principe and his wife Sharon. A good welcome to the club for them.

Now on to the dessert contest which is usually more popular and exciting then the costumes.

First Place-Amy Musinsky with a Chocolate Cake-Shaped like a pumpkin with frosting
Second Place went to Roberta Sanchez with a Graveyard Cake-which was a church and graveyard
Third Place went to Harry Smith with a Sweet Potato Pie
Other desserts were Larry Dunn with a Crustless Cranberry Pie, Ellie Losee brought Pumpkin Squares and Barbara Flockhart had a Lemon Meringue Pie for all to enjoy. The desserts were judged by Karen Hosking and Skip Hoyt. Two members with a fine palate.

The decorations are down and the night is over, but thanks to Chris and all her helpers for a very grand ‘DO’

Susan Mosser your always smiling social secretary and reporter

Halloween Bash 2018 recap
October 27, 2018

Click here to see a gallery of images from the party taken by Tereza Pupeza on Saturday October 27. Great fun was had by all!

There will be no report by the roving reporter and her assistant Jaggy cat this year as alas I could not attend. It's very nice to see the pictures, however I must say it doesn't look like Lydia had any new duds or jewelry. After all it is her one big night of the year, and someone could haven't taken her shopping as she did earn a few pennies last year. Jaggy would like to thank Dottie McGrath for making her a cat litter box cake, though the picture sent to her didn't show any little fishes in it anywhere.

Chris Germain, MNEC Your Hostess and Dark Night Séance Medium dressed as a dust bunny did an outstanding job as usual with her decoration helpers. I was also told that the food was delicious from a new venue which of course just happens to be one of my favorite places for pot pies. I am sorry I missed the night and grand fun.

Your roving reporter
Susan Mosser