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The easiest way to have a gallery on this page is to submit 4 images for the middle column of the home page (we do the sizing for you). These images are then collected and posted to your gallery page. Want to get a gallery page started in your name? Just submit your first 4 images. Please see member images-middle column of home page-half way down-direct link below the text "to submit images." Click on it and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation from the website telling you what week your images will be displayed. After they have been displayed on the home page for a week, they will be added to your gallery. Make sure you fill in your name so the images are identified as yours on the home page.

Images from Member Memorials at GLPA

Images from Dan Charbonnet Memorial

Images from Karl Schanz Memorial

Images from
John Fuller Memorial
See the food table
See the attendees
See the toast to John

GLPA Member Galleries (alphabetical by first name)

Amy MusinskyAndrew KatsampesAnn Murphy
Arabella DaneBarbara FlockhartBarbara Rozavsky
Basil RichardsonBill BrownBrenda Driscoll
CJ KarchCarol ColeCaroline Stella
Carolyn LivingstonCharlene GaboriaultDave Kourtz
Dave YoungDennis MccarthyDoris Monteiro
Fran MacDonaldFrank DelandFrank Forward
Interclub CompetitionsIrina LevinaJack Holmes
Jacob MosserJanice KoskeyJim Brady
Joan ByingtonJoe VotanoJudi Hoyt
Karen HoskingKelly A CookKen Carlson
Ken JordanKevin TangLinda Coviello
Linda GouldLinda J. CovielloMarie Pelletier
Marilyn CloranMark BargenMary Johansen
Mary MoffetteMatt ContiMelissa Fraser
Melissa NeedleMerina ZellerMichael Bourgault
Pam LintnerPatrick BrosnanPaula Driscoll
Raffaele SalernoRaj DasRay Landry
Richard SimmonsRick CloranRick Matthias
Robin SegalRon MorseShiv Verma
Skip HoytSteve LevinSteven Kurzrok
Susan KlineSusan MosserTracy Bailer
Walt Losee




Simple Gallery of GLPA Social Gallery by Pam Lintner  
2017 Halloween Party report Gallery by Linda Coviello  

2018 Halloween Party gallery
2019 Halloween Party gallery

Clouds by Stephen Levin and Alex Vavilov