Projected Image Monthly Competition

Entry Form

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LICENSED IMAGES: We appreciate that many members are actively promoting their work and often seek alternative avenues including the sale or licensing of their work to commercial sources. All members must understand that the sale or licensing of their work to a stock agency or other commercial enterprise places restrictions on the use and display of that image. Greater Lynn Photographic Association does not wish to unknowingly display a licensed or otherwise restricted image on its web site or in any other manner that may violate the terms of the member's licensing or sale agreement with a third party. We therefore require that members refrain from entering any image that is licensed or otherwise restricted in any competitions. In the event that a member is successful in marketing an image that is already on the GLPA web site, we ask that you immediately notify the web team at and alert us to that fact so that the image can be taken down promptly.

If a club member enters a licensed image and it is used by the club on the club web site, the image maker will be solely responsible for any and all fees that may be incurred by the club for use of the image. The same will be true for any licensed images that a member posts to their personal gallery on the club web site.

We thank all of our members for their cooperation in this area.
 Step 1: Technical Specifications for Projected Images
 In order to project successfully in the competition, all images must conform to a set of technical specifications. The Image Checker determines if your images meet the technical specifications.
 A. File format: Any submitted image must be .jpg.
 B. File size: Any single submitted image can not exceed 2M (2000 KB).
 C. Image width: Width of landscape orientation images must not exceed 1400 pixels and height does not exceed 1050 pixels.
(Image width ≤ 1400)
 D. Image height: Height of portrait orientation images must not exceed 1050 pixels and width does not exceed 1400 pixels.
(Image height ≤ 1050)
 E. Image resolution: At least 100.
 F. Image color space: sRGB is recommended.
 Step 2: Select Competition Class
 Class A,B: 3 images per competition.
 Masters:   3 images per competition.

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