Photo Opportunities
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 In an effort to achieve the GLPA members' common goal: enhance the skills and creativity of each photographer, we have compiled a database of locations visited by generations of photographers. In order to improve, each photographer needs inspiration. The objective of each entry is to get a photographer to the location. Once on site, it is up to the individual.
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 Photo opportunity locations are tagged with their state, country, and a category or categories. To extract a list of locations, you filter by state, by country, and by category or categories. It is possible to multi-select categories (PC: ctrl-click or MAC: command-click). 
 Categories are grouped. Selecting the category parent, selects ALL locations within that group. For example: selecting Ocean, will return locations satisfying, Ocean, Ocean-Lighthouse, and Ocean-Harbors. A comment on how categories are assigned. The Ocean has beaches, dunes, waves, grass, and wildlife. The Ocean-Lighthouse will have a lighthouse and it may have beaches, dunes, waves, grass, and wildlife. 
 Select filtering criteria(state, country, category) -->and then Select Locations.   

Multi-select is possible.
(PC: ctrl-click or MAC: command-click)