"Lightroom Mobile & Tethering Presentation"
by Kent Messamore-NH
Monday, December 12, 7:30 PM

This presentation is for intermediate Lightroom users whose workflow needs involve shooting tethered to a display device such as a Laptop or tablet, reviewing, post processing images, and moving selected images to other display devices, websites or clients. The workflow can be as simple as taking a cell phone photo, post processing it on your cell phone, and saving it on your Laptop for later review; or as complex as doing a studio shoot, sending selected images for review and feedback by your client live on line. Adobe Lightroom Mobile offers new and exciting capabilities for professional photographers. It allows you to synchronize your desktop and laptop photos among all of your mobile devices. If you make post processing changes to those photos, the changes are reflected across all of your devices. During the presentation we will demonstrate these capabilities live.

The photography world is changing and we find that most photographs today are being taken by cell phones. Cell phone cameras are improving rapidly as are the software apps that allow for post processing. Lightroom Mobile allows the traveling photographer to review and mark his photos for post processing while returning on an airline; or even completing that post processing using standard desktop Lightroom global tools on your tablet. If local changes are required, images can be moved to Photoshop tablet applications for further improvement using layers, composites, and even liquefy. It is amazing what can now be done in tablet post processing applications and our speaker will explain how you can also learn how to use all of these new innovative tools.

Our speaker’s career encompasses 44 years in the computer industry. He has an extensive background in both Photoshop and Lightroom, starting in the early days of Photoshop in 1991, restoring old family photographs both commercially and as a hobby. His images have received awards in local, regional, and international competition. He has taught computers, studio lighting, model posing, lighting with flash, and photo imaging extensively at workshops for Camera Clubs, Studios and Meetup Groups. Currently he is teaching Digital Photography at Manchester Community College. A certified Adobe Education Trainer, Kent doesn't just teach ‘what the tools do’ but brings workflow experience into the classroom.