"The Best of Patagonia"
by Ossian Lindholm-Argentina
Sponsored in Part by Travel Visions
Monday, October 24, 7:30 PM

Join renowned South American photographer and nature documentary filmmaker, Ossian Lindholm on a remarkable visual journey of the Best of Patagonia. Ossian will share his spectacular images that range from Argentina’s spectacular Los Glaciares National Park in his native Argentina to Chile’s renowned Torres Del Paine National Park. In his engaging talk, you’ll be awestruck as you discover a host of wonders in one of the world’s last wildernesses.
Here, at the very end of the American continent, lies a visual and sensual treat for the photographer and explorer alike. Patagonia is a dazzling world of calving glaciers, rushing waterfalls, and towering Andean peaks thrusting skywards from the clearest of blue-green waters. There are night skies milky with bright stars and remote islands shrouded with sea mists. It all makes for one of the most coveted photographic experiences in the world. Finally Ossian will share the story of the Puma and how photographers have played a crucial role in its protection and therefore the conservation of entire ecosystem.

Our speaker will share how he captured the very special light, angles, and colors of this photogenic and pristine region at the end of the world. With each stunning landscape image, he will share his techniques of connecting, capturing and creating his stunning photographs and take us on an intimate photo journey of one of the world’s most coveted photography destinations.
After his presentation you will- Have a special understanding and appreciation of this unique and little known part of the world and have a better understanding of wildlife camera settings, light metering modes for landscapes, depth of field, bracketing, why and when, white balance composition and Ossian’s special recipe for the perfect wildlife photo.

Ossian Lindholm is a nature photographer from Tucuman, Argentina. Trained as an Agronomist, he turned his deep passion for nature to photography. In his work as a photographer, teacher and documentary filmmaker, he is dedicated to capturing, conserving, and sharing the landscape, nature and culture of the land. Ossian has published five books, 14 calendars and he teaches photography throughout the year.

Since 1998 he has been leading groups of photographers and naturalists on photographic journeys throughout his native Argentina. For the past four years he hosted of a popular weekly nature TV documentary called Travesia Fotograficas. By crafting powerful images, words and music that touch the audience’s emotional core, he educates and inspires his Travesia audience to love and protect their environment. Ossian has been a passionate photographer since he was a small boy.

For many years he worked as a scientist but in 1998 he dedicated himself to nature photography. He had a personal revelation that photography was not only a profession but a way to make a difference by delivering an important message about conservation and sustainability. Here was his calling--through photography, teaching and filmmaking, he must show and teach the world that nature is sacred and our relationship to Mother Earth is a symbiotic one. This maxim and personal philosophy can be seen through all his work. As he evolved as a photographer he clarified his mission in one sentence: Para Conservar, primero hay que Conocer....’To conserve, first you must know.’

Ossian currently designs, leads and teaches photography workshops with Travel Vision Journeys in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. He has recently given presentations at Maine Photo Workshops, The Griffin Photography Museum, Hunts, and Boston Camera Club.