by Mark Bowie-MA
Monday, September 12, 7:15 PM-PLEASE NOTE EARLY START TIME

Our first presentation will explore and teach us how to photograph our beautiful coasts. The marine coasts are some of Earth’s most photogenic environments. The weather and light are ever changing, and the topography is rugged and wild. Pounding surf creates an infinite array of patterns; wet sands at low tide and incredible reflections. This presentation is power-packed with tips and innovative techniques for photographing the surf zone, beaches, dunes, estuaries, fishing villages and boat-filled harbors — day and night. Bowie discusses shooting under varying tidal conditions, creating artful compositions and images with heart. He covers research and pre-planning, shooting opportunities based on weather and light, and processing techniques — to help you create special seascapes that convey the power of the oceans and the beauty, charm and character of coastlines.

Our speaker who comes to us from Pittsfield, MA is a professional nature photographer, writer, teacher and highly sought-after public speaker whose work has been published internationally in books and magazines, on calendars, posters, greeting cards, and in advertising media. He has photographed and authored three coffee table books on the Adirondacks, two comprehensive e-books on night photography, and a third recently released e-book based on his project, Finding November. A popular North East speaker who has presented programs at various camera clubs and councils, Mark also leads popular landscape photography workshops, including night shooting workshops, as a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute and through the Cape Cod Arts Association.

A great teaching presentation to start off the new year. To see more of our speakers work, purchase his e-books and learn about his tours, workshops please visit his website at www.markbowie.com