"iPhone-ography-The Best Camera is the One You Have With You"
by Jerry Hug, APSA-Illinois
Monday, March 2, 7:30 PM

We are lucky enough to have our International judge who comes to us from Illinois stay over to do a creative and information filled teaching presentation on your iPhone. This program was presented at the July’s NECCC conference and was one of the most popular presentations of the weekend. The cell phone has become like the Kodak Brownie camera of earlier times, only better. In the hands of a creative photographer, the cell phone with a good camera is now a creative tool that can capture those moments when the big camera is back home in the closet. In this seminar Jerry will teach you how to use the camera you always have with you, the various applications available for post processing those images, and some of the accessories that extend the capabilities of camera phones. Jerry will take the workshop through shooting techniques to get better photos, and then teach how to get the best results when editing photos on your mobile device.

Jerry will give 'hands on' help with the application: Snapseed for all iPhone, iPad and Android users. To get the most out of this presentation, attendees should download the app onto their device before coming to the workshop. At most places the app is free or very inexpensive if you need to pay for it.

Speaker’s notes -13 pages- will be available on the GLPA website to download after the presentation.

Our speaker is an award winning photographer and a retired fine arts educator from the Maine Township High Schools in the Chicago Suburbs. He is the Public Relations Vice president for the Photographic Society of America serving 6000 members in the United States and 70 countries around the world. Jerry lectures about photography in the Chicago area and at photographic conventions throughout the country. He is considered one of the go to iPhone photography experts and is published in national journals.