"Urban Night Photography"
by Jurgen Lobert- MA
Monday , September 15, 7:30 PM

Included in our September programs will be a visual introduction to urban night photography by Boston based fine art photographer Jurgen Lobert. This presentation will show you how to create urban nightscapes, hauntingly beautiful views of captured time and deepened colors. Night photography transforms the familiar and can create exciting cityscapes, revealing beauty in the mundane. Night images relay a profound serenity by capturing time; where clouds and cars become streaks, water ripples smooth over and stars form trails in the sky. Urban night photos require you to balance highlights of a multitude of sources, which becomes a rewarding challenge, needing different approaches compared to shooting naturally moonlit scenes. Our speaker will show many examples of waterfront images, motion, different vantage points and, yes, even urban startrails! The presentation will also touch on equipment, basic camera settings, white balance, sources of light and how to process the outcome.

Our speaker is a photographer and scientist who spent close to 30 years in atmospheric sciences to hunt down gases that are responsible for Global Warming and Ozone Depletion. More than 30 years ago, Jurgen started to use photography to creatively capture places and moments in time. Starting with borrowed Nikon equipment and later a Yashika film camera of his own, it wasn’t until the dawn of digital cameras that he embraced photography as an art form and advanced hobby, however it took until 2011 that his much hidden and accumulated creativity was unleashed through a New England School Of Photography course on night photography by local photographer Lance Keimig, who has also been a speaker here at GLPA.

Although he tries to specialize in not having a specialty, night photography has become a main and recurring focus of his work. To Jurgen, night photography means seeing common objects and scenes in a completely different light-pun intended-, balancing different lights or capturing detail, while finding new ways to look at the world, which often reveals something very beautiful in the mundane. According to Jurgen, there is a profound peace in roaming the nights in strange places without fixed goals, while capturing the element of time and objects, which he finds with an increasingly more watchful eye.

Mr. Lobert is an executive member of the Boston Camera Club and co-organizer of Greater Boston Night Photographers Meet-Up. He has created over 40 night photo events.

Please go to www.meetup.com/GBNight for more information on the Greater Boston Night Photographers which is a collective of people who share their passion for night photography through Meetup’s which are gatherings of groups, small or large, to capture the night and share the outcome with each other.