"Nature Inspired"
by Roman Kurywczak-NJ-Sponsored in Part by Hunt's
Monday, September 8, 7:30 PM

Our speaker for this opening program of the year comes to us from New Jersey. Roman Kurywczak has been our opening presenter for the past three years. His down to earth and easy to follow teaching presentations have always been a big hit, filling the hall each year. This year the presentation will be a combined teaching and inspirational presentation. Roman is hoping that you will leave his presentation with a new found desire for photography while renewing your interest in the beauty of the world, no matter if in your back yard or in Africa. The presentation is divided into 3 segments; wildlife, macro, and landscapes. He will discuss the technical aspects of the images and how they inspired him at the time, and then each segment will close with a series of images set to music.

Roman states- Like most people, I had a regular job and I looked forward to photographing on my two weeks of vacation. While I worked, my mind would escape to the wondrous natural places I would soon be visiting and lift my spirits as I counted down the days for my journey to begin. My passion for photography has allowed me to connect with our natural world and heightened my overall experience of the places I visit. I have spent countless mornings photographing magical landscapes and been privileged to watch some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. Some of the locations I visit are quite exotic but I also relish the time spent photographing local subjects to keep my skills sharp. Our natural world has forced me to look more closely at all the beauty that surrounds us. The advent of digital photography has given me the tools to push the limits of both my gear and myself. My hope is that by sharing my vision of our natural world it will inspire you as you look through your own lens.

Our speaker started out attending art school for graphic design in the mid-1980s, which is also when he acquired his first film camera. That camera changed the direction of his life forever! He joined a camera club and immersed himself in all the technical aspects of photography. He has now gone from his humble beginnings in a camera club to being a full-time professional nature photographer with Sigma as his main sponsor, as a Sigma pro team member. Roman has won numerous awards locally, as well as nationally, and has presented programs all over the USA at photo clubs, conferences, photo fests and workshops. In 1993 he started his own tour company-Roamin with Roman, which caters to photographers and small groups-only four participants in the USA tours, and provides individualized attention. The company has since grown to include international destinations such as Africa. Roman states, ‘The satisfaction I get from teaching on my instructional tours remains one of my most memorable photographic achievements and drives me to this day.’

Please look for more of our speaker’s work, workshop and tour schedule, list of speaking engagements and various reviews on photo gear, as well as his EBooks for sale on his website at www.roaminwithroman.com