"From Fear to Flash-3 Steps to Better Lighting"
by JC Carey-NJ
Monday, November 2, 7:30 PM

This Zoom presentation should answer all your lighting and flash questions and comes to us from the Westcott Lighting Company eastern accounts manager. Have you been frustrated with lighting? Are you mystified when you see someone add light and you can’t figure out where to start? Do strobes and flashes intimidate you? Do you have a headache when adding artificial light to a scene? Have you been stuck creatively with your photography? If you've always wanted to get better results with your lighting but were fearful of the process, then join JC as he breaks down lighting into the simplest steps possible so that anyone with a basic understanding of camera functions can start producing more dynamic images immediately. With tips and tricks that can be used with any lights you add to your creative arsenal JC will talk about the basics and dive into some more advanced concepts. In three or maybe a couple more easy steps JC will take you from Fear to flash

Topics covered include: Lens selection and how it relates to lighting; the process used to make lighting simple; TTL versus Manual; high speed sync-rear curtain sync; off camera lighting; picking the right modifiers and picking out the right lighting tool for you project.

Joseph ‘JC’ Carey is a lifetime image maker that like so many photographers was terrified of lighting until he was gifted with a lighting class in 2007. The class wasn’t very good, but it lit a fire that has never stopped burning. That gift changed everything. It transformed him from someone that barely took pictures of people and knew nothing about lighting into someone still trying to figure out how to light everything.

The last 13 years have passed with him being blessed with a daughter, a career doing what he loves, multiple magazine covers, and with meeting amazing people and trying to create great images of them. The art of photography and taking pictures is his passion but the ability to make his vision a reality in a photograph is what truly drives him. Based in New Jersey he has taught all over the world including being part of the staff at Summit Workshops, an online education website with virtual workshops featuring over 50 instructors. He recently joined the FJ Westcott Company as their Eastern Accounts manager.

To see more of his dynamic images, read his blog and learn more on lighting visit his website at www.jcphotomedia.net or follow him on Instagram at JCPhotoMedia