"Judging Basics - Evaluating Images - postponed from October"
by Dan Charbonnet and Rick Cloran
Monday, April 29, 7:30 PM

October is a month of learning and our last program is no exception. This program was presented at the NECCC conference this year as one of the pre-conference workshops that the attendees had to pay an additional fee to attend. Our speakers have graciously agreed to pare it down from a three hour session to about one and a half hours to fit our evening format. Dan and Rick will explore the judging differences between the club, interclub, and international levels. They will discuss the impact of a single judge versus multiple judges and whether the judge(s) have the images for a prolonged review, brief preview, or are scoring on-the-spot. They will also explore judging based on the use of an LCD monitor versus a projected image in relation to how these factors may influence the judging results. The influence of rules unique to certain judging situations, such as Nature, Photo-Travel, or Photojournalism versus an Open theme will also be examined. Selected images will be used to illustrate image evaluation considerations and to provide context for why an image might succeed in one venue but fail in another. Our speakers will provide input on how they would evaluate the image and suggestions on possible comments to give the participants context for their evaluations and ideas for how to make constructive comments that aid the image maker and judging audience.

Daniel Charbonnet has been seriously involved in photography since he joined his first camera club in 1973. He is very active in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and New England Camera Cub Council (NECCC) serving both organizations as a vice-president on their board of directors. He is a recipient of the PSA President’s Award, which is the highest award given by PSA to a deserving member of the Society who has shown tireless energy, given time, and achieved accomplishments in several volunteer areas of the organization. He now serves on the PSA Executive Board as VP of Exhibition Services, responsible for the International Exhibitions for all divisions throughout the world who receive patronage from PSA. Dan is a member of the Stony Brook Camera Club, Greater Lynn Photographic Association, and past chairman and member of the Massachusetts Camera Naturalists (CamNats). Rick Cloran is a member, past president, and the current treasurer of Greater Lynn Photographic Association and past chairman of the Massachusetts Camera Naturalists (CamNats). He has lectured and judged photographic exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada. In recognition of his extensive judging, lecturing, and administrative work he has received top honors from NECCC and PSA. At a recent Photographic Society of America Conference, Rick was presented with the PSA Appreciation Award in recognition of outstanding service in the advancement of photography through teaching with no financial compensation. He is also past chairman of PSA's Nature Division and now serves on their Investment, Endowment, and Honors Committee.

Both of our speakers are experienced exhibitors at all levels and have achieved multiple star ratings in international exhibitions recognized by PSA. Dan and Rick are active and sought after judges and commentators within the New England area. Both have also done recorded commentaries for clubs in other areas of the country. Their insights into the judging process can help you improve your image evaluation skills as well as your ability to select images for competition in differing venues.