"Street Photography in the Modern Age"
by Lou Jones
Monday, October 1, 7:30 PM

For our first program in October we are very happy to welcome one of New England’s leading professional photographers and one of Greater Lynn’s most popular speakers, Lou Jones of Boston, MA. Lou has been speaking at Greater Lynn on and off for about ten years. His eclectic career has evolved from commercial to personal. It has spanned every format, film type, artistic movement, and technological change. His work has remained relevant, progressive, and current throughout. He has mentored dozens of aspiring artists and documentary photographers. He has been an advocate for artist's business, legal and historical rights, and visual literacy in all corners of our daily lives. We are always pleased when he finds time in his busy travel schedule to accommodate us.

Lou is a professional commercial photographer who maintains his own studio in Boston and has photographed for Fortune 500 corporations, international companies, and local small businesses including Federal Express, Nike, and the Barr Foundation. He has completed assignments in forty-six countries and forty-eight states photographing royalty and third-world subjects, as well as the sacred and profane, for magazines and publishers all over the world including Time/Life, National Geographic, and ParisMatch; initiated long term projects on the civil wars in Central America, death row, Olympics Games, and pregnancy; and published multiple books. In 1997 Lou published his first book, Final Exposure; Portraits from Death Row, which chronicled his six year odyssey documenting men and women on death row in the USA. For this effort he received the Ehrmann Award from the Massachusetts Citizens against the Death Penalty. He has since gone on to write four more books from a travelogue to a how-to on Speedlites. Mr. Jones’ work is exhibited in multiple colleges and schools such as Harvard, with major shows and inclusion in collections at the Smithsonian Institution and the deCordova Museum. Lou has served on the boards of directors of numerous photographic associations, societies, and museums including the American Society of Media Photographers, Photographic Resource Center, and the Griffin Museum of Photography. He helped found the school Center for Digital Imaging Arts of Boston University and conceived the prestigious Griffin Museum's annual Focus Awards. A wonderful teacher and lecturer, Lou has a wealth of knowledge to convey which he does with humor and immense interest to the audience.

For this presentation, Lou will describe his personal journey in defining a methodology for street photography. Using examples photographed from around the world, he will share a developed lexicon that can be used when taking photographs of strangers in alien environments, including how to address the rules and laws when confronting new subjects. The presentation will deal with comportment, equipment, technique, and expectations. Mr. Jones will also address common barriers such as language, protocol, and hostility when engaging new friends. If you want to add people to your travel photos, this how-to will tell you everything you need to know to add that human element to your images.
You can view more of Mr. Jones’ work or follow him on http://www.fotojones.com/, http://fotojonesblog.blogspot.com/, Twitter: @loujones2008, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fotojones.