"Diapers, Wipes & Baby Items Collection -Drop off at Club Only-6 to 7:15PM"
by David Kourtz Coordinator
Monday, November 23, 6:00PM

This collection is for the Teen Mother Program at the JOI Child Care Center in Lynn. Your support will help young families in need. In 2019 GLPA members were incredibly generous with donations of approximately 4,000 diapers and 10,000 wipes. In addition, members also made contributions of infant and toddler toiletries and clothing which were greatly appreciated. Most of the moms that benefit from your donations are attending high school, attending ‘mothering’ classes, and working to support their new family.
We will collect on two Mondays from 6 to 7:15PM – November 16 –Print Competition night and November 23 –Projected Image Competition night.

Original packaged items are accepted and certainly appreciated. The JOI Center has provided a list of the items that are most needed and encourage selection from the following items if possible.
Diapers -any brand for size 2-5 or ages 6 months to 4 years
Wipes- sippy cups –socks-infant or toddler sizes
Baby personal toiletries e.g. shampoo, diaper rash ointment, toothbrushes, etc.
New infant-child clothes for ages 2 months - 4 years
Packaged or bottled baby food
Diaper bag or toddler knapsack

Another Donation Option Available will be monetary donations via a check if this is your preference. 100 per cent of financial donations will be used by David to purchase items that are urgently needed. Please
1. Make out a check to GLPA -your check will probably not be cashed until the collection is over and we see what we need to purchase to fill out the needs list
2. Write ‘diapers’ in the lower left Memo section of your check
3. Mail check to David Kourtz-64 Mooreland Road- Melrose, MA 02176
4. Or give the check to David on collection night

Your donations through GLPA are GREATLY appreciated as these family budgets are small and these donations provide significant help. With the holidays coming, I can’t think of a better way to help folks who can use some support. In addition to helping moms in need your donations will also add to the GLPA certification as a non-profit organization helping the community.

Thanks for your personal generosity
David Kourtz Coordinator
for questions email s.jmosser@comcast.net