"The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer"
by Mike Moats-Michigan
Monday, December 7, 7:30 PM

Being a properly equipped macro photographer is not just about the equipment, but also equipping yourself with the how-to knowledge of macro photography. Mike will cover the most important equipment for macro photography, how to control depth of field, a little about composition, and subject matter.

Our speaker is an international award winning full time pro macro photographer from Michigan. He is a Tamron Image Master, and his articles and images have been published in many photo magazines for over 15 years. He has a Macro Photo Club online with over 2,000 members, from 18 countries. Mike teaches workshops and speaks at photo conference throughout the US.

Mike has generously offered to give one free Macro Photo Club Lifetime Membership to a GLPA member. This is a 99 dollar value.

The Photo Club has over 1500 paid lifetime members from 18 countries with over 190 instructional macro videos in four categories-including
1. Macro Equipment and Tech Tips
2. Macro Composition
3. Macro Post Processing
4.Macro Tips for the Field

Mike says it doesn’t end with the videos you start with as he will be updating the video library as he goes.

Other Benefits of the club is to be a participant with other members, and you will be doing that through a group on facebook. All the info about what's happening in the club and also about monthly shooting assignments, contests, equipment giveaways from our club sponsors will all be posted there, along with lots of images posted by the members. If you have no desire to be part of the facebook Macro Photo Club, that's fine, you can just learn from the instructional videos and find updates posted on my blog here at the website.

The Macro Club will also have a annual photo shoot at one of the botanical gardens in the country. This shoot is free to all members to attend.

Sponsors of the club include-Tamron, Vanguard, Acratech, Lensbaby, Hunt's Photo, Think Tank Photo Bags, Whimberly, Hoodman, Datacolor, Lensflipper and Litra.

To see more of Mike’s beautiful work and to learn more about his tours, workshops and the Macro Photo Club, visit his website at www.tinylandscapes.com