"Bird Photography Simplified-My Approach to Capturing Images"
by Glen Bartley-BC, Canada
Monday, March 1, 7:30 PM

This will be the second of two presentations given by our speaker from British Columbia Canada, on the world of birds and photographing birds. This first presentation which was the natural history of the birds presented in January was a great experience to view birds many of us had never seen. The second program will be a teaching presentation on ‘Bird Photography Simplified’.

We all know that bird photography is difficult. In this presentation Glenn will share his approach to simplifying the process of bird photography while still striving for high quality wildlife images. From equipment selection to field techniques to post processing, Glenn will share his approach to bird photography.

Glenn Bartley is a world renowned professional nature photographer who focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Glenn is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from the Neotropical Region and his portfolio of hummingbird images.

Glenn says that his love for photography started as a child many years ago in a backyard in Ontario, Canada. He was lying under a hummingbird feeder with a simple 35mm camera trying desperately to capture an image of these mesmerizing birds. The photos that he captured that day may not have been very good – but the experience led to a love of nature and photography that would one day blossom. Many years later Glenn traveled to Australia for a university semester abroad. The opportunity motivated him to buy a capable camera and to learn more about the art of photography. In those days of slide film and short telephoto zoom lenses birds were, for the most part, still out of range. Glenn’s passion for photography however was growing.

Before long digital SLR’s became the norm and Glenn had purchased a 300mm f/4 lens. He finally had a set up capable of capturing some good bird images. After completing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies Glenn traveled to Costa Rica for six months to immerse himself in nature photography. That trip solidified Glenn’s love of bird photography and, from then on, much of his free time was spent learning his craft.

After achieving a Masters of Science degree in Ecological Restoration Glenn once again set off for the New World Tropics. This time his goal was to spend 6 months in Ecuador and do nothing but bird photography. On this trip Glenn practiced and developed his techniques for tropical bird photography and especially multiflash hummingbird photography. By the time he returned to Canada many people were starting to take notice of Glenn’s unique ability to create stunning images of rare and nearly impossible birds to photograph.

oday Glenn’s images are well respected and represented around the world. He is an award winning photographer whose work is regularly featured in North American and International nature books, calendars and publications. His work is regularly featured in magazines such as Audubon, Birdwatching, Canadian Wildlife, Birders World, and many more. His images regularly appear in books on birds including several by National Geographic. Glenn has also published several books of his own including ‘Birds of Ecuador’,'Birds of Vancouver Island’ and‘Birds of Biritish Columbia’ as well as instructional guides on Post Processing Flash and Tropical Nature Photography Techniques.

To see more of his work and learn about his workshops and tours please visit www.glennbartley.com