"PSA Print Division B&W and Color Interclub Judging"
by Larry Dunn Coordinator
Saturday, February 27, 10:AM

We will be hosting the Winter PSA Interclub Print Competition. PSA holds 3 print competitions per year and this will be the second one of the calendar year. Each club may enter 4 prints by 4 different makers in 5 categories, Large Color, Large Monochrome, Small Color, Small Monochrome and Creative Altered Reality.
GLPA competes in PSA Print interclub competition. Therefore we will not have our own prints judged, so only prints from the other participating clubs from around the world will be judged. GLPA prints will be submitted in the next round as make up prints.

The prints are arranged in ‘rounds’ similar to an international exhibition, so the first print from each club will be seen and judged before the second print, and so on. There will be three judges each scoring from 5 to 10. The typical scoring range is 18 to 30. The competition is open to all types of photography.

If you have wondered about how an interclub competition works or are curious about what other clubs are doing in the way of print work, be sure to mark this on your calendar.

If you are interested in helping out and working the judging please email Larry Dunn at ldunnvt@gmail.com

This presentation will be live at the club with a limited audience of 25 for attendees and workers.It will be in person only and not zoomed out to the membership.You will need to sign up to attend via the sign up link located on the home page at the top of the right column.

PLEASE WEAR A MASK FOR ANY INTERACTION AT THE CLUB- WHATEVER IT MAY BE AND PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING- Even While Visiting With Friends While Inside The Club. If visiting in the parking lot outside please do it with your masks still on.
If attending a competition, group function or speaker presentation, upon entering the club please go to back hall to use hand sanitizer-you might also have your temperature taken at that time- then please make your way into the main hall and be seated. The chairs have all been arranged and moved for social distancing and there is a row for family groups of 2 seats side by side.

We of course must request that
A. if you are feeling ill you do not attend a club function
B. if you have been in contact with anyone who is Covid positive you do not attend
C. If you have been out of state you do not attend until you have completed the 14 day quarantine
D. If you have attended a large group function you do not attend until you have completed the 14 day quarantine.