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"Working with Color in Lightroom and Photoshop"
by Betty Wiley-MA
Monday, October 25, 7:30 PM

Please Note- The recent updates to Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop have resulted in a very similar interface between ACR and the develop module in Lightroom so much of what I will cover during my presentation applies to both applications.

This presentation will focus on the various techniques that I use in Lightroom - and Photoshop, mostly using Adobe Camera Raw- ‘ACR’- when working with color in my images. I will show you not only how to make global changes to color, but also how to selectively work with color in the different areas of your images. Until recently, much of the color work was best handled in Photoshop but no more – Lightroom Classic’s and ACR’s new features allow you to work with color as never before.

During my presentation, I will cover the relatively new Color Grading panel which allows you to adjust the color tints in the highlights, mid-tones and shadows. In addition, this new panel also offers the ability to adjust the luminance in these areas as well. For instance, you can create a look where you can adjust the shadows to create a cooler mood, add contrast to highlights and even apply a tint to the mid-tones.

Previously, if you wanted to change the color in an area of your image, Photoshop was the best option for this task. However, the new hue slider in the Develop Module in Lightroom as well as ACR now allows you to make selective changes to the colors in your images using either the adjustment brush, radial filter or graduated filters.

Finally, I will also demonstrate how to use the other tools in Lightroom when working with color which include the temperature and tint sliders, how to work with the HSL -hue, saturation and luminance- panel and the very powerful calibration panel which affects how camera raw interprets color for your particular camera/image. The latter is one of my favorite features in Lightroom and ACR and once you see what it can do, you’ll be using it regularly to enhance and work with color in your images.

Our speaker has been at GLPA once before to a full room and gave a very easy to follow and understand presentation. We look forward to another topic from her that will help is al with post processing.

Betty is a well-known free-lance photographer, lecturer and instructor residing on Cape Cod. Her photography assignments have appeared in various local magazines and guidebooks including Cape Cod magazine, Cape Cod Guide, Falmouth Living and South Shore Living to name a few and she has numerous covers to her credit. She is also a sought-after instructor and speaker for camera clubs and other organizations throughout New England and she is an instructor with the Cape Cod Art Association in Hyannis where she teaches Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other post-processing software applications. Also available for private instruction, Betty specializes in landscape and nature photography, but she also does lifestyle and editorial work as well. She believes that good light and composition are keys to a successful image and she often heads out in the morning before sunrise or in the evening.

Artist Statement: Prior to embarking on a full-time career in photography, I worked for many years in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry until my retirement in 2007. It was then that I decided to renew my passion for photography. For as long as I can remember, I always had a camera in my hands. Both my mother and my uncle were photographers and I have always felt that it was part of my DNA. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to live on Cape Cod where I am surrounded by so much beauty where I continue to be inspired on a daily basis.

To see more or her work and check on her workshops and presentations visitwww.bettywileyphotography.com