"From All Angles: Abstract Geometric Architecture"
by Dan Waterman-RI
Monday, November 1, 7:30 PM

In this presentation, Dan will discuss a modernist approach to abstract architecture inspired by the style of Group f.64 and the Zone System, with strong emphasis on geometry and compositional techniques. He'll explain his thought process before and during a shoot, how to use a variety of lenses for architecture-from ultrawide to super-telephoto, and post-processing tools using Photoshop to create compelling architectural imagery. The discussion will be rooted in the importance of inspiration in the creative process, leading to actionable tools and exercises photographers can use to hone their compositional eye and take their abstract imagery to the next level.

Dan Waterman is a full-time graphic designer and photographer based in Warwick, RI. Propelled by a love for photography and communication, his interest in the visual arts has led to expertise in a variety of disciplines including design, copywriting, web development, animation, marketing, and branding. He deeply values engaging with the creative community, sharing tools and knowledge to empower, inspire and learn from other like-minded people.

Dan first picked up a camera 15 years ago and was captivated by the methodical, process-oriented approach to composition and exposure. His passion has only grown since then, and he now spends every possible moment exploring and capturing the world’s varied landscapes. His work can be seen at www.danwdesign.com