"Moments to Ponder-Street Photography"
by Joe Votano-MA
Monday, November 30, 7:30 PM

Our November in house presentation will be from long time GLPA member, Joe Votano. Joe was the Fine Arts group leader for several years and taught many of us at GLPA what Fine Art was and to form an appreciation for it.

Have you ever looked at an image of someone on a street in whatever town or city it was taken in and felt a strong emotion to the image and then wondered how did the photographer get this image. Joe will teach us all how to achieve those emotional interesting images. His presentation will cover the technical aspects of street photography-such as what’s needed and what works. Learn 10 important tips and explore the three different types of street photography and consider which one is right for you. How would you tell a story through human activity? The presentation will close with a 20 minute introduction into the world of Street Photography.

Joe is avid photographer with his principal areas of interest being fine art, street photography, and documentary photography. He has received numerous awards in both monochromatic and color prints from both the Merrimac Valley Camera Club and Greater Lynn Photographic Association. His images have been published in Prestige Travel -Hong Kong, Michelin Travel Guide, Aishti magazine -Middle East and in Boston.com -Boston magazine. In the last six years he has had four books published by Schiffer Publishing: the widely acclaimed Boston Below co-authored with GLPA member Karen Hosking about the Boston subway system; the Shaker Legacies, a 160 page photo-documentary which covers the development of Shakerism in the USA principally in Massachusetts and New York; and in 2018, the Every Changing Coastline and the Timeless Seashore. The latter two books being a combination of fine art and scenic photography coupled to aesthetics. His newest book, Moments to Ponder.. street photography here and elsewhere, is due out in 2021 from Schiffer Publishing. His work can be seen at: www.joevotanophotography.com.

This presentation will be live at the club with a limited audience and Zoomed out from the club to the rest of the membership.You will need to sign up to attend via the sign up link located on the home page at the top of the right column.

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