"Looking Behind the Images"
by Janice Koskey-MA- Program will also be zoomed out from the club to the membership
Monday, January 3, 7:30 PM

Contemplating our Fine Art Photography teaches us how to look behind our images and articulate the story that resides there. This presentation helps us to understand the motivation, meaning, or metaphor that make our photography speak about our experience on both sides of the camera lens. The presenter draws from the study of literature to help us unlock the plot, characters, setting, theme, and point of view of our photographic endeavors.

Our speaker’s presentation is filled with examples of photographs that depict these elements as well as gestures and symbols. It shows how mood or feeling in a photo can reveal the essence of a scene, the wonder of the viewer, or something from the heart of the photographer herself. Janice also had an article on this subject matter published in the February 2020 issue of the Photographic Society of America-PSA Journal.

Our speaker is a Greater Lynn member who enjoyed a long career as an English teacher and district administrator in Lynn, Massachusetts public schools before avidly taking up digital photography upon her retirement in 2008. Since then, she has learned the technical aspects of making photographs, and more recently has focused her study on contemplative photography and the connection between individuals and their art.

Much of her basic photographic learning and encouragement has come from Greater Lynn which she joined in 2011. Janice is also the leader of GLPA’s Artistic Vision Group where she leads and joins other GLPA members in finding a personal photographic voice by looking more deeply into their images and becoming articulate about them.

After traveling and photographing places around the world, she created digital shows which she has presented in various venues including a large photo federation in India. Her love of writing motivated her to became a regular contributor to the PSA Photo Travel Division online newsletter in a column on Tips for Travelers. Janice has also had a second article published on contemplative photography in another issue of the PSA Journal.

As a member of the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Galleries at Lynn Arts, Marblehead Arts Association, and Rockport Arts Association and Museum, Janice exhibits her work regularly and has won many awards.