by Roman Kurywczak, MNEC-FL
Monday, January 10, 7:30 PM

Come join me, professional nature photographer Roman Kurywczak, as I take you on a visual journey of our world both near and far. My presentation is the story of how a city boy from NJ came to enter this exciting field of photography with images I have spent the last 30 plus years capturing

Like most people, I had a regular job and I looked forward to photographing on my two weeks of vacation. While I worked, my mind would escape to the wondrous natural places I would soon be visiting and lift my spirits as I counted down the days for my journey to begin.

My passion for photography has allowed me to connect with our natural world and heightened my overall experience of the places I visit. I have spent countless mornings photographing magical landscapes and been privileged to watch some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. Some of the locations I visit are quite exotic but I also relish the time spent photographing local subjects to keep my skills sharp. Our natural world has forced me to look more closely at all the beauty that surrounds us. The advent of digital photography has given me the tools to push the limits of both my gear and myself.

My hope is that by sharing my vision of our natural world it will inspire you as you look through your own lens.

Our speaker is a professional nature photographer for over 18 years who conducts lectures and workshops across the globe. His boutique tour company, Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours, caters to small groups -only 4 to provide the ultimate learning experience for participants. Whether he is out in Tanzania or standing before a roaring waterfall in Iceland, Roman’s energy and passion for nature photography are clearly evident. You can often find him out in Arches or Yellowstone national park late at night photographing the nighttime landscapes and calling it fun. Closer to home, Roman will spend countless hours doing macro photography. While he enjoys photographing insects, his favorite subject is flowers, which he buys for his wife and he is sticking to that story. Roman is equally comfortable photographing landscapes, macro subjects, and wildlife whether he is at some exotic location or close to home.

His down to earth and easy to follow teaching style make him a highly sought-after lecturer and he has given countless lectures and workshops across the country. The author of several instructional eBooks on nature photography, Roman strives to share his passion for photography as others have shared with him. After 56 years as a New Jersey resident, just 13 miles outside New York City, Roman and his wife Pura have recently relocated to SW Florida.

You can find his galleries, blog, tour schedule, eBooks and more on his website- www.roaminwithroman.com or follow him on the Facebook group at Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours or on Instagram roaminwithromanphoto