"Annual Fund Raising-Confabulation Night"
by GLPA Club Members
Monday, December 13, 7:15 PM

Also a long standing tradition is the end of the year fundraising. The membership has always been very generous on this night. This is a way for you to support the club and its projects to upgrade and maintain the building. Owning your own building allows you to offer many more programs and group activities to the membership but it also comes with the cost of building maintenance and utilities.

During the Confabulation, on a table down front near the podium, there will be a decorated basket and special holiday envelopes. Please bring a check or a few extra dollars to contribute to the building fund. Put it in the envelope and then drop the envelope in the basket.

If you donate cash please put your name on the envelope so you can get the tax deduction. Remember, if you want to get that donation in for tax purposes, now is the time to make it. If you will not be at the Confabulation Night feel free to mail in your end of year donations in any amount. Every little bit helps replenish the fund for the projects completed.
All year end donations must be received or dated prior to January 1, 2022.
Mail your donations to-
Jake Mosser
173 Central Street
North Reading, MA 01864

The Holiday Confabulation is a fun get together. It is a long-standing tradition when we share a night of mingling, good food, a little libation, and members beautiful or fun images. This evening is meant for the members to get to know one another a little better. You are all invited to bring images to share with your fellow members. Please bring ten to fifteen images or a short - one to three minute or one song- mini-show on a thumb drive. The images can be on a subject of your choice. Candid shots of fellow GLPA members are always fun. The images will be run on the big screen with some of the hall lights on, as we mingle and munch on the refreshments. You are all invited to talk and visit while we share the images in a casual atmosphere. The images will start at about 8:00 P.M. to give us a bit of time to mingle, do Charlie’s free Christmas raffle, and eat a few munchies. This is the one night you can bring refreshments into the hall. You will also get a free ticket to Charlie’s raffle for some fun door prizes.

Please bring a small amount of a desert, munchies, or hors d'oeuvres to share with everyone. The hall will be decorated by Chris Germain, MNEC, with a little help from Santa's elves.
Come down in your holiday red and wish your friends a great new year for 2022.