"NECCC Open Color Circuit Shown- ZOOM ONLY-CLUB CLOSED"
by NECCC Rick Cloran- Zoom Host
Thursday, March 17, 7:30 PM

GLPA participated in the 2 NECCC Circuits for this camera club season like we did last year. We sent in 6 images for Nature and 6 images for Open from 12 different makers. The circuit is 30 images per section from 5 different clubs -6 per section per club- that are put into a program and then sent to a commentator who critiques the images much like competition but with a longer more detailed critique. The commentator who is Art Vaughan, HonNEC this year, may also take the image into Lightroom or Photoshop and show you how and why he is suggesting the change while making it, so you can actually see the results. The circuits are sent to us when the commentary is complete and then it is shown to the membership.

We will be showing both circuits open and nature by Zoom only with the club closed again this year so more members can see them and learn from this great teaching commentary.

The members who have images in the Color Circuit and will be seen on this Thursday night are
1.Carol Mills-Flax Pond
2. Mary Mofette-Garden Flora
3. Michael Bourgault-Frozen Bud
4.KarenHosking-King’s Beach in Infrared
5. Pat Haney-Swans Feeding
6. Rick Matthias-Your Got Me