"Painting with Photo Shop for Beginners"
by Ellen Kawadler-Ma
Monday, November 28, 7:15PM

Ever wanted to give your images a real painterly look without the use of plugins? Don’t have the patience to work on an image for days? Want the easy way out? Then this method is for you.

Yes, we will use a mixer brush to paint an image but with the use of layers and selections the process will be simplified so anyone can paint like a pro and best of all complete your masterpiece in a short amount of time.

We will start from the very beginning and show you how to get started with your brushes, understand the settings, make use of the mixer brush, and paint your first piece.

Our speaker, who is an award-winning photographer, presenter and workshop leader has agreed on a request from me, to modify a longer workshop she did on this subject in order to be able to present the subject in a quicker and easier why to the GLPA membership. I am grateful for her willingness to do this as I have had requests for a presentation on this subject. Ellen states-‘Even at a young age, I had a keen interest in photography, but it was not until 2009 when I obtained my first DSLR and discovered Camera Clubs that my obsession began.’

She loves photographing and capturing a moment in time, an expression, a long forgotten historical piece, wildlife, flowers and landscapes. Her completed images frequently are far from her originally envisioned creation. She enjoys taking the artistry beyond the initial capture by using her imagination and challenging herself to craft an appealing piece which when finished gives her a feeling of achievement and hopefully takes the viewer to another place and time.

Her proficiency in post-processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop has allowed her to share her skills through presentations to various camera clubs and workshops as well as offering individual tutoring. Her most recent endeavor is taking her images to another level by painting them with Photoshop and adding texture blending.

Her award-winning images have been shot with a Nikon D80, D7000, and currently the Nikon D500 and Z6. To view more of her images and get information on her workshops please go to ellenk.myportfolio.com