"Holiday Party, Confabulation, Yankee Swap-FUN NIGHT"
by Chris Germain, HonNEC-Hostess & Coordinator
Monday, December 12, 07:00 PM

The Holiday Confabulation this year will be our HOLIDAY PARTY. We have decided to just have the party at the club rather than going to a restaurant due to increased costs and the fact that everyone seems and asks for the gatherings to be at the club. I do hope you will all try to stop in for a fun evening.

It is a long-standing tradition when we share a night of mingling, good food, a little libation, and lots of fun. This year the format will change a little as we will be having the Yankee Swap and not showing members images. This evening is meant for the members to get to know one another a little better. The Yankee Swap will start at about 8:00 P.M. to give us a bit of time to mingle, do the free Christmas raffle, and eat a few appetizers and desserts. This is the one night you can bring refreshments into the hall. You will also get a free ticket to the raffle for some higher-class fun door prizes, such as gift cards.

We have also buffed up the food for the night. We won’t be serving a full meal but will have a bit higher class appetizers such as chicken wings, meat balls (by Denise Benavides, MNEC), shrimp and other surprises. We will also have some desserts, like pies and cakes but if you which to bring a small amount of desert to share we will be happy to take it.

Here is how our famous and lively Yankee Swap will work. For everyone who wants to participate, acquire and wrap a gift – 15 dollars approximate value, mark the gift ‘Lady’ or ‘Gent’ if appropriate, bring it to the banquet and during the evening- participants draw numbers and take turns picking out a gift. You can keep the gift you open or swap it for a gift belonging to someone who opened before you. As you can imagine it gets pretty interesting at times depending on what you get and what you have seen before you that you want to swap for. Even though you swap-it doesn’t mean you always get to keep that gift as someone with a number after you may come and take it from you.

The hall will be decorated by Chris Germain, HonNEC, with a Come down in your holiday red and wish your friends a great New Year for 2023.


Also, a long-standing tradition is the end of the year fundraising. The membership has always been very generous on this night. The Board of Directors has decided this year not to make an annual end of the year appeal as we normally do, however if you wish to donate, please bring your cash or check and give it to John McGrath, MNEC our treasurer that night. We will have some holiday envelopes on John’s desk for you to use.

If you donate cash, please put your name on the envelope so you can get the building fund card. If you will not be at the Confabulation Night and wish to donate, feel free to mail in your donation. All year end donations must be received or dated prior by January 1, 2023.

Mail your donations to -
Jacob Mosser-Building Fund Chairman
173 Central St
North Reading, MA 01864