"NECCC Winter Projected Image Interclub Competition & Judging- Pictorial & Nature"
by Rick & Marilyn Cloran-Coordinators
Monday, February 27, 7:15 PM

Greater Lynn will host the Winter NECCC projected -digital interclub competition on February 27 at the club in person. The entries for the competition come from our fellow clubs around New England. There are two categories: Pictorial and Nature, and two classes - A and B in each category. The images for both classes within a category are judged at the same time with the results separated out after the fact for the respective club standings within their class.

Each club is allowed to enter four images in each category. Within the entry for a category there can be no more than one image by any maker. The Nature category is judged under the same PSA definition and rules we follow for our Nature section at the club. Judging is by means of three judges scoring electronically with no commentary. Be sure to come on the 27th to see the top work being done in your fellow clubs around New England and get an idea of what other New England photographers are shooting and working on.