"Food Bank Collection Night One-6:30PM- 7:30PM"
by Club Members - David Kourtz Coordinator
Monday, March 13, 6:30 PM

Monday’s March 13th and March 20st from 6:30-7:30PM

we will again have our Food Drive for the Lynn Food Pantry sponsored by Saint Stephen Church in Lynn. The needs of single homeless people as well as families are served. Club members have been exceptionally generous in the past, and we hope you can continue this tradition.

Option 1-Donate food directly at the club March 13th and 20st

Exactly the same as last year when so much was donated, we will accept any non-perishable canned or boxed donation that are well within the sell by date. We cannot accept any expired items.
For those who wish to do this,the most wanted items suggested by the pantry at this time are
Cans of fruits and vegetables
Packages of single-serving hot cereals, fruit cups, juice drinks
Hearty soups-not tomato
Canned vegetables
Individual servings cans of stews, chili’s and meatball and like items-example from Hormel or Dinty Moore etc.
Small jars of jam and jellies
Cans of chicken or tuna-max of 20 oz ok with this product
They also need heavyweight paper grocery bags-ideally with handles and only from Whole Foods, Market Basket or Trader Joes as these are the only store bags that are the right size and strength

Some constraints we need to meet are-Donations must be -‘packaged, jarred or canned’ and the expiration date has not expired.Canned goods other than chicken or tuna should not be over 16 oz as the bags become too heavy for the recipients to carry.

Option 2-Donation via check

To make a donation by check
1. Make check payable to GLPA
2. Note in the message line-Food Donation
3. Mail to Dave Kourtz, 64 Mooreland Road, Melrose, MA 02176

Option 3-Donation via VENMO Payment

I can accept VENMO payment as a donation. The address to this payment system is-@Dave-Kourtz

Option 4-Cash Donations

I will accept cash donations on the collection nights of March 13 and 20 at the club in person

The community has been so thankful for the support of our members who have provided to the needy. We can all share in the pride of the generosity of the members of this club in support of our community service

Thanks for your support for the community and GLPA
David Kourtz and Ken Jordan, MNEC Coordinators