"One Shot-Woman VS Men"
by GLPA-Members-Coordinators-Susan & Jake Mosser & Hostess-Chris Germain
Monday, April 3, 7:30 PM

This night is one of the most popular events at GLPA. This friendly fun, rowdy, but competitive contest pits the men against the women photographers in the club. This is the only night that seating is segregated. Each team must sit on their own side of the room. Cheering and showing support for your team is mandatory. We will also serve refreshments and a little libation that night and you can bring them into the hall.

There are twenty-nine image categories for the contest. On the night of the competition, we will have two judges, male and female. The judges after a little fun discussion will pick the image that they feel fits the category best and that they view as the best image. The team with the most winning images wins the One-Shot contest, earns bragging rights, and has the trophy turned to display their team’s name- women or men for the year. The judges are sworn to secrecy until that night. I can give you a hint, they have judged this competition before. Along with the One Shot, on the same night is our famous Cook Off Dessert Raffle. Please see the Cook Off page for full information on that part of the evening.

Do not miss this most popular night of the year. Ladies wear red and your blankie items if you have them. Bring your noisemakers. I am sure the ladies will prevail this year. After all how many years in a row must we suffer the humiliation? Masses are being said, candles are being lit, crystal ball sessions, fortune teller visits, 4 leaf clover searches, field trips to find the lucky leprechaun- who is hiding from us as he is tired from St Patricks day festivities. If you have an 8 ball-use it-anything to change this curse we have on us.

The photography God will surely be looking our way this year. BE THERE you do not want to miss this night when booing of the judges is allowed and encouraged.

To let those members who move out of state each winter and never get to see this or participate in the booing, we will be zooming this out from the club to those not in attendance but please please come. You do not get the full nights fun, a chance at winning a yummy desert and all the ambiance as well as munchies and booze from home.