"Infrared Connecticut "
by William Barnett, FPSA, HonNEC-CT
Monday, April 24, 7:30 PM

Today there is a lot of interest in infrared photography. It is a way to explore new worlds and capture fine art images. It changes an image’s appearance by creating false tones or colors and it stimulates your creativity. In this program our speaker will explore what infrared - actually near infrared radiation is and how it renders photographs of the world. Pure infrared radiation produces only black and white images, but also including part of the visible spectrum will allow colored images to be created. The images shown in this program are the result of an extended personal project where images were captured using a series of filters. Filters included a normal visible filter and a variety of filters that admitted infrared radiation and also part of the visible spectrum. Each filter produced a different result.

Bill will begin by briefly describing the Infrared Connecticut project and the reasons it was undertaken. He will describe the equipment used and compare the photographs that can be obtained using different filters. Finally, he will describe the post processing steps required for each type of filter. The presentation will conclude with a showcase selected from the many images captured during the project.

William B. Barnett FPSA, GMPSA, AFIAP, HonNEC, is a frequent lecturer and judge for camera clubs and other organizations throughout New England and beyond. He is a member of The Photographic Society of America-PSA, the New Haven Camera Club, and the Connecticut Association of Photographers. He is a vice-president on the New England Camera Club Council -NECCC Board as co-director of the Interclub Projected Image Competitions. For his work on behalf of the photographic community, he was elected a Fellow -FPSA by PSA, and Honorary Member -HonNEC by NECCC. For his photographic skills he has received the distinction of Grand Master -GMPSA from PSA and Artiste -AFIAP from the Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique. In 2019 Bill received the PSA Ashbrook Award for Digital Imaging Instruction. Bill is a multi-star, galaxy, or diamond exhibitor in PSA recognized international exhibitions in four divisions and has earned numerous awards both locally and internationally for his photographic work. He has written multiple feature articles for the PSA Journal and is a past recipient of the Elmore Chatham Memorial Award for the best feature article in the PSA Journal. In 2019 he received the Keaton Editorial Award given as a PSA Journal contributor of feature articles over a long period of time. His first feature article appeared in the October 1983 issue of the Journal and his photo travel work was featured in a Distinctive Image-Photographer article.

In the last few years Bill has been pursuing a hybrid approach to his photography where live narration, stills, video clips, and sound files are combined to create travel presentations and essays with more production values than is possible using just still photographs. The combination of travel, photography, and storytelling is now central to his hobby.