"Photo Travel-The Roman Frontier in Britain-Hadrians Wall"
by Jack Holmes-MA
Monday, September 11, 7:30 PM

Our opening program of the new year is a great teaching and entertainment presentation all rolled into one hour. Join past Greater Lynn President, Jack Holmes for a very unique and interesting trip through a special part of the United Kingdom. Every time Jack has presented one of his Travel-logs we have had a full house and I expect this will be no different.

Hadrian’s Wall was the fortified border that divided the Roman Empire from Northern Britain where the Barbarian Picts dwelled. The Hadrian’s Wall Path stretches across what is now Northern England through animal pastures, over and along windy crags, through woodlands and lowlands and villages and cities for 90 miles, from Wallsend on the North Sea to Bowness-on-Solway on the Irish Sea.

Jack and Meg began their Roman Experience with an archeology dig at a Roman supply in South Shields. Then they walked a week and a half across England along the Wall Path from the North Sea to the Itish Sea.

This presentation will not only be a teaching show on travel and how to make the most out of your trip’s photography but also a lesson in history, many of us have never heard of.

Jack has been a longtime member of the Greater Lynn Photographic Association and has been a traveling photographer for six decades. He has photographed on seven continents, in over eighty countries, and in all the states in the USA and all Provinces of Canada.

Since 2006 he has maintained a fine art studio gallery located at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, where he prints and displays some of his images. He has exhibited in galleries in New England and Portugal and his work hangs in private collections locally and internationally. A solo exhibit based on abandoned farmsteads in North Dakota and The Olson House in Maine currently hangs through early October at the Western Avenue Studios.

Jack does custom printing and matting for other artists. He also produces and presents travel photologs in person and by webinar to audiences large and small. He is currently working on two new programs. One focuses on Southwestern France and the other on Central Portugal.