"A Photojournalists View of the Natural World"
by Carl Walsh-Maine
Monday, September 25, 7:30 PM

This will be the second presentation by tonight’s speaker Carl Walsh. He presented for us last year with a great Photojournalistic presentation of his images taken for newspapers and magazines. Tonight’s presentation will be nature based and follow his travels and assignments in the natural world.

He has collaborated with a range of national and regional publications, working on stories addressing a broad subject matter. Assignments about the natural world are closest to Carl's heart and capturing the beauty of birds and other wildlife was one of his earliest photographic inspirations, something he passionately pursues to this day. The appearance of a lost Asian Steller's Sea-Eagle in the New England prompted one of his raptor chases. Carl's image of this giant eagle was lead art for the National Audubon's story about the Steller's cross-continent saga. Another of his bird images was recognized in the Audubon Photography Awards. In addition to birds, Carl has photographed a variety of animal species and will include some images from his bear, mountain gorilla and whale stories.

Carl has been a working photojournalist since 1984 and has worked for local, regional, national and international publications and organizations. His photography is driven by the passion of a storyteller to document life while interacting with people. It has brought him in contact with people from a wide socioeconomic range, residents of small towns in New England to indigenous tribes in Madagascar, elementary school students to presidents

.With decades of experience, he has collaborated with a range of national and regional editorial publications, commercial entities and educational institutions. He has been honored by the prestigious international Pictures of the Years International and the National Press Photographers Association. He is a three-time winner of the NPPA New England Photographer of the Year award while a staff photographer at the Biddeford, Maine Journal tribune.

More about his work and his images can be seen on his website www.carlwalsh.com