"GLPA NEW Printing Lab Workshop-7:30-9:30PM-Preregistration Required"
by Larry Dunn, MNEC
Thursday, September 28, 07:30 PM

GLPA is happy to announce that we now have a functioning ‘Printing Lab’. This facility consists of a new laptop computer with Windows 11, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Lightroom as well as the printer drivers and ICC Profiles for popular papers installed. Along with the new laptop there are two printers, an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and Canon Pixma Pro - 100. Both printers are capable of printing on paper up to 17 inches wide.

Do you have images that you want to print but you do not have a printer? Do you feel that making prints is a daunting task? Maybe you want to participate in the GLPA Print Competition, other competitions or have your photographs in exhibitions?

Here is your opportunity to learn how to print your images and for a very low cost. Join Larry for this one-time only workshop-presentation on how the lab will work, availability and costs associated with its use.

This workshop will cover-
1. How to use these tools at the club to print your images. Such as - What you will need to make prints; File handling for printing; Paper choices and what papers to use; Also, some tips and tricks for printing.
2. What are ICC Profiles and how to use them in Photoshop and Lightroom.
3. How this Printing Lab will function within the club.

If time permits, we will print some images, so bring a thumb drive with a couple high resolution jpg images to be printed. Image should be 360 dpi and at least 2880 on the longest side.

Please email Larry to sign up for this one-time only workshop.

To sign up or if you have any questions, please contact Larry Dunn,ldunnvt@gmail.com