"Open to the Public-NECCC Fall Interclub Digital Competition & Judging-Pictorial, Nature & Monochrome"
by Pam Lintner, HonNEC, Cindy Gosselin, HonNEC & Susan Mosser, HonPSA , HonNEC- Directors
Saturday, November 18, 10:00 AM

Judging starts at 10am to completion- lunch not served
Judges-Mike Di Stefano, APSA, HonNEC-John Lowe, MNEC & Art Vaughan, HonNEC

This will be scoring only from 6-15 points per image, no critique. There are 41 NECCC member clubs competing with 27 clubs in Class A Color and 14 in Class B Color. In Nature there are 21 clubs in Class A and 20 clubs in Class B. As monochrome was a new section this year there are no classes and we have 39 clubs competing. Each club can enter 4 images per section by different makers. This year we have adjusted some of the rules and we are not allowing Nature into the color section unless the image has been modified beyond what the PSA nature definition allows. We are also not allowing mono in the color section. Ties will be broken and the 1st-2nd-3rd and Honor Award winners will be selected by the judges at the time of the judging. The competition will be zoomed out live from the judging venue to all the clubs competing. It will also be recorded and the link will be sent to all NECCC member clubs after the judging.

The judging is open to the public and we hope you will join us and see what the other clubs are doing for photography.