"End of Year Annual Donation Appeal"
by GLPA Membership
Monday, December 18, 7:00 PM

Although some off the membership has continued to donate, we have not had an official appeal for about 3 years now. When we received Dan Chardonnet’s bequest we held off from this year-end affair, but now Dan’s money is invested for the clubs future and large projects as needed and if you heard the treasurers report last month we are running at a lost as prices of everything have gone up from utilizes to speakers. So the BOD decided that it was time to do our annual end of year fund raising again.

This was normally done on the confabulation night, but now since we changed the confab night to the holiday party, it will be done Monday night Dec 18th along with the party. The membership has always been very generous on this night. This is a way for you to support the club and its projects to upgrade and maintain the building. On a table in front of the podium, there will be basket and special holiday envelopes. Please bring a check or a few extra dollars to contribute to the fund. Put the check or cash in the envelope and drop it in the basket. If you donate cash please put your name on the envelope so you can get the tax deduction.

If you will not be at the Holiday Party feel free to mail in your end of year donations in any amount to Jake Mosser Fund Chair at 173 Central St-North Reading, MA 01864.

Checks must be dated by Dec 31, 2023. If not attending at the club and you have a few extra dollars you can mail the check in or make a donation via PayPal online. The Donate link can be found on the home page –top of the right-side column.