"Winter in Vermont"
by Mark Katz
Monday, January 8, 7:30 PM

Originally from upstate New York near Albany, my interest in photography started at a young age, intrigued by my father's 1970’s Pentax, along with an inherent love of nature and being outdoors. I had a monthly subscription to National Geographic which I held in such high regard, further fueling what would be a lifelong passion for photography. I went on to become a scientist in the Cambridge, MA area, spending a decade working within a muscle disease platform on the biology side, supporting efforts to discover new drugs and validate drug targets.

On the side, I launched a photography business, consisting mostly of headshots, as well as a growing portfolio of cityscape photos of the Cambridge-Boston area. This was followed by a major life shift, moving to Manhattan with my wife and two toddlers for over 3 years. My spare time was limited, having taken on a full-time parenting role, but the self-taught photography journey had continued. I carved out a niche doing family photos, headshots and events. However, after many photo shoots, still had the itch to shoot more, instinctively looking for areas offering interesting perspectives of the city. That calling has persisted to the present day, albeit with much less urban influence, having moved to Swampscott, MA in 2018, Marblehead, MA in 2020 and spending winter weekends in Warren, VT starting in 2021. My new surroundings have been nothing short of spectacular, quenching a childhood desire to be in places where I feel more connected with the natural world. Being a snow lover, I always look forward to spending time in Vermont and as soon as it snows, can be found outside, either on the slopes, playing with my kids or surveying the scene with my camera. My winter landscape photos are a form of expression, reflecting the admiration I have for Mother Nature’s unpredictability and vastness, coupled with signatures of Vermont rural living.

Mark is a member of Greater Lynn but his schedule does not give him much time to come to the club. To see more of his images visit his website https://www.markkatzphotography.com/